Foreground: Grass that benefits from sprinklers.  Background: Sad, dead grass that doesn't.

We're parched in these parts.  In the past four weeks, we've had 0.11 inches of rain.  Farmers are scrambling to irrigate, trying to salvage their crops.  In an effort to be a good Plant Mother, I brought our plants inside today, as it's supposed to hit 100 degrees.  We don't do triple digits that often here, but if we do reach 100 degrees, that will be the third time this July already. 

Our normally green, lush summer has turned brown and dead.  Times like this, we are glad to be renting and not dealing with watering our own grass every day!  In fact, if we were responsible, I might just let my grass die and spray paint it green ;)


  1. It's so dry here in the Marsh, too. Even the wild raspberries are shriveling up.

  2. praying for the rain to come!

    all the best MJ!!



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