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Sorry for the radio-silence lately.  I'm sure I've mentioned how insane my work schedule gets in the summer.  
I'd make some lofty promises about doing better, but let's not kid ourselves.  

This may be over-generalizing, but I've come to the conclusion that about 85% of medical wives are trained or employed in either an education or healthcare job.  I've been noticing this over the past two years, and it's so true to the point that when I meet a new med wife, I secretly try to guess if she's a nurse or a teacher (or in one of the two aforementioned fields).  Seriously?  Has anyone else noticed this?  

I'm not exaggerating - I know (in real life or in blog world!) 13 med wives who are in the healthcare field, and 11 who are in the field of education.  And that's off the top of my head!  Granted, some of those women are now stay-at-home mamas, but still, the facts remain.  

There must be some sort of bizarre compatibility between personality types of those who lean towards careers in healthcare and in education.  Anyone with me on this?  

Hope you all enjoy your Labor Day weekends!  May you spend time with your loved ones. 


  1. You know what? I think you are right! I never thought about that... but wow!!

  2. I've noticed this too! I've also noticed -- at least at Y's med school -- that a huge number of the female med students who are married are married to guys who work in construction or other manual labor. I always thought that was interesting.

  3. Well of course! Teachers, nurses, etc are a great match For the driven physician. Hospitality majors just by definition are perfect too. From the healthcare wanna be, turned science teacher, turned at home wife/blogger/writer. Yes, I noticed ;)

  4. There are a lot thats for sure. But they are also the most common careers for women. I guess we got luck that our husband picked us MJ :)

  5. I noticed this and frequently feel like an odd ball because I'm married to a doctor but work in business!

  6. This is funny - I've noticed too that most spouses of Peter's co-residents are also in something sciency... A couple are married to other residents, several to nurses, and even a dental hygienist. Then there are a few stay-at-home moms (including a former nurse)... and English major me.

  7. I've read through most of your blog, but I still can't seem to figure out what your (day) job is!
    Could you clue me in?
    BTW - as a significant other of physical therapy grad student your blog is great, and boy am I glad he only has 3 years of this craziness!

  8. Good point Savannah - I suppose they ARE the most common fields for women to work in!

    And to "Miss Anonymous" :) Glad you are enjoying the blog! I try to maintain a slight anonymity around these parts, hence the minimal mentions of my day job! My degree is in hospitality, but my job has nothing to do with that ;)

  9. Just consider yourself unique! All of us science-driven people can get pretty boring :) We need you wonderful ladies to spice things up!


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