Third year.  This thing is kind of a beast, but in a good way.  My husband is liking it much more than MS1 & 2, primarily for the fact that he's actually in the hospital and putting into practice all that he has been learning.

OB/GYN has proven to be a labor-intensive (pun intended) rotation.  And a gooey one.  So far, my husband has caught babies, scrubbed in on C-sections, sutured incisions, removed various cancerous female parts, and has been covered from the shoulders down in a combination of fluids that I don't even want to think about.  As a result...I have gagged when folding laundry and seeing mysterious red rings around the ankles of my husband's socks.  I am seriously considering rubber gloves while sorting laundry!

Because what to expect during third year was such a mystery to me, I thought I would break down each rotation so that others might have a better idea of what might be coming their way for the clinical portion of medical school.  While every school has varying requirements, here is a quick breakdown of my husband's first rotation.  He has lectures on Wednesdays for a few hours, and is in the clinic on Tuesday/Thursday afternoons, but aside from that is in the hospital all day. He has to round on his patients most mornings (getting to the hospital around 5:30-5:45am) and is normally done in the 5:30pm range.

This is what OB/GYN has consisted of:
Week 1: OB/Labor & Delivery
Week 2: Night Float/Labor & Delivery (5pm-7am) 
Week 3: Pathology (lots of time in the lab).  First 24-hour call shift.
Week 4: GYN (lots of surgery)
Week 5: Oncology (lots of surgery). Friday night call/Sunday day call.
Week 6: GYN
Week 7: MFM (Maternal Fetal Medicine - aka high risk pregnancies)
Week 8: OB/Labor & Delivery

For a sample of the hours, here's what my husband's schedule was this week:
Monday: 5:30a-5:30p (12)
Tuesday: 5:30a-5:30p (12)
Wednesday: 5:30a-5:30p (12)
Thursday: 5:30a-7p (13.5)
Friday/Saturday: 5:30a-7:30a (26)
Sunday: 5:30a-5:30p (12)

I'll do the math for you - that's 87.5 hours.  This has left me saying, "Husband, who?" the past few days.  Not every week has been quite this heavy on the hours - I'd say an average week without call is more in the 55-60 hour range, not including all of his studying at home.

This past week, I had my first (of many, I'm sure), "Where the heck is my husband/dinner is ready and I'm starving/it's almost 8pm and I haven't heard from him since he left home at 5:30 this morning" moment.  He scrubbed into a surgery at 2pm and it took over five hours to complete....I am going to have to get used to this aspect of medicine.  I like schedules and plans a LOT, so this will be a major adjustment for me. 

As of this week, we have finished all of the call shifts of the OB/GYN rotation: night float (which was pretty terrible - I saw my husband for about five minutes in the morning when he got home, and five minutes at night before he left.  Since I don't work nights, we were literally ships passing. It was pretty dumb, honestly), the 24-hour call shift (slightly mind-numbing), and the weekend call (Friday 5p-7a, then Sunday 5:30a-5.30p...terrible).  I am VERY glad to have all of that done and over. 

The best part about third year so far is that we have actually had some free weekends together (or rather some free time on weekends).  We very, very seldom had any weekend free time to spend together during the first two years of med school, as those were heavy study days for my husband, so that has been a definite perk.  

Oh!  And my husband passed his boards (hallelujah!), and did well....in case any of you were on the edge of your seats!  ;)  So glad to have that done and over!


  1. My med student is about to start OB/GYN rotations on Monday. We were wondering if he needed shoes to "catch" in and...eww...I guess he does. lol. Not looking forward to doing laundry! Thanks for sharing! It's nice to know what to expect. :)

  2. Gooey is the PERFECT way to describe that rotation. Hope his next one is a little less sticky and stressful!

  3. I couldn't agree more with your comment about having a little free time on the weekends! I remember telling my friend I didn't know what "Saturday" was until 3rd year and Derek and I went to a late afternoon movie. GASP! HA HA :) Hope your next rotation is just as fun for your husband!

  4. So what you do is PLAN a rotating dinner. If your plan is to eat when hubby gets home,well then, that is the plan and you are happy to wait..... I find a mixture of nuts and dried cherries a great "Tide me over until dinner" a tasty treat.
    Probably what I love most about Kingman, AZ is that we eat dinner earlier and there is free time. The 9pm nights are few and far between.

    Love you sweet girl, hang in there, Dennis didn't like OB/GYN so much haha!

  5. Ew... not sure how anyone could go into ob/gyn, but I guess it's a good thing some people do, right?

    You'll get more used to those wondering moments (if not the growling tummy), but on the bright side, intern year of residency should have fewer hours (no 26-hour call shifts!) :) Night float stinks, I agree. But the transition to having some free time on weekends in 3rd year is not the worst tradeoff, and it gets even better in 4th year!

  6. We had fairly similar hours for peds., minus the overnighter. That overnighter is now being made up for with a 30+ stretch. :P I'm just glad he doesn't have away rotations right now. There are a couple of classmates who are entering their 2nd 5wks. of being away from home/spouses. No fun!

    Way to be with the laundry situation! Maybe I should invest in some gloves now...

  7. Hi MJ! What a life adjustment on so many levels! You are a good wife! I'm 3weeks in to being a med school wife and I am bracing myself for the storm to come!! OBGYN rounds, wow that sounds really rad, I'm excited for that one, not the laundry part of course yuck!!



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