Children & runny noses

My husband is currently in his pediatrics rotation.  Pediatrics, you ask?  Wasn't he elbow deep in ob/gyn the last time you posted?  Why yes, yes he was.  But now, he has moved on to bigger and better different things.  In fact, not only is he in pediatrics, but he is halfway through the rotation.  

The first four weeks of peds for my husband consisted of inpatient care - managing the care of kids admitted into the hospital.  Being as the children's hospital in our town is the only one in the area, he saw some pretty unique cases.  Essentially, he was at the hospital from 6:30am to 5:30-6:30pm daily, depending on which time slot he was given for evening sign out.  Not having to wake up until 5:25am was quite a refreshing change from the 4:45am of ob/gyn.  (Side note-does the fact that we were giddy to sleep in until 7am on Saturday morning make us old?)  

There isn't any weekend call for the pediatrics rotation, just one week of night float.  It's really pseudo-night float, because the scheduled shift was 3p-11p (which actually lasted until 12:30p almost every night, because they always seemed to get a new admission at about 10:50p) from Tuesday night through Saturday night.  It still felt like regular night float to me though, as I was long asleep by the time my husband got home every night, and I was gone in the morning before he was awake.  I'm not a fan of the whole "ships passing in the night" type of weeks.  But thankfully, I don't think we'll have another one of those until after Christmas. 

Also thankfully: both my husband and I have already caught and gotten over our "pediatrics cold" of the rotation.  They say that almost everyone catches a cold during their peds rotation, and sure enough, whatever bug my dear husband brought home got to me as well.  We're hoping that this means that we're safe for the next four weeks.....ha!

The second half of this rotation will be the outpatient portion of peds.  Starting tomorrow, my husband will be at a local doctor's office for one week, followed by a week each in the resident clinic, adolescent medicine, and the nursery of the hospital.  

Generally speaking, pediatrics tends to be a more relaxed rotation than ob/gyn.  One of the biggest surprises for my husband thus far was how much happier everyone on peds seems, from the docs to the residents to the nurses.  Residents and interns are more likely to give the medical students more time, attention and instruction, while still granting them some autonomy (within reasonable boundaries for a medical student, that is!).   The lifestyle, work load, type of work, and the coworkers have all made pediatrics an enjoyable rotation so far.  Perhaps not as exciting as ob/gyn, but that might not be a bad thing ;)


  1. After OB/GYN this sounded like a perfect rotation! Minus the cold..that is always a bummer! But, glad you are both recovered! :) Derek did his first clerkship of 4th year this month in DC....19 hour days! I'm not with him, but I feel bad! Poor guys! :( And yay for being able to sleep with your hubby again soon! I am missing that TONS right now!

  2. B just started his peds rotation (right after OB/GYN, too) and he also commented that all the staff on his peds rotation are a lot nicer than the OB/GYN staff! No OB/GYN for him!

  3. Hi! My husband is a third year student too. Just came across your blog. So interesting to see how other people's rotations are going. He is currently five weeks into internal medicine and we are anxiously waiting for some easier rotations....although no relief in sight, surgery is next!

  4. Y thought the same thing about pediatrics staff. He also thought the nurses were prettier. ;)

    He also had peds in July, so kids weren't in school yet. Insider tip on how to avoid the pediatrics cold!

  5. Yes, you're old.


    ...but don't worry because the we're all in the same boat!


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