Celebrations, etc.

Secret: It was my birthday last week.  I didn't mention it because I never blog anymore birthdays lose their awesomeness somewhere after the year 21. 

Not to say I didn't feel the love before, during and after my birthday. 

The celebration started the night before, when I made my Grandma's delicious and amazing nut cupcakes with dark chocolate mocha frosting.  

Divine doesn't even begin to describe these!

Day-of celebrations included lunch at one of my two favorite Lebanese restaurants with a couple of girlfriends, one who happened to be visiting from Nashville (great surprise!).  Upon my husband's arrival home from the hospital, we went out to dinner at a new farm-to-table restaurant in our city.  Farm-to-table is the hot new thing here, and I adore it!  (Though I didn't adore the $25 price tag on my husband's meatloaf dinner.  It was darn good meatloaf...but still!).  The rain hindered our post-dinner plans, so it ended up being a low-key evening, which was fine by us.  And no, we did not watch the debate (how rude of it to fall on my birthday!).  I did open my gift from my sweet husband. 

Opal (my birthstone) bracelet.  Gorg.

Continuing the celebration to the following weekend...Saturday was spent with my in-laws and one of my brother-in-laws' family.  We gorged ourselves at PF Changs (ps-have you ever looked at their nutritional info?  Please don't think they are all that healthy...most of their entrees are considered to be 3 servings, and I always polish my plate clean...) and they showered me with love and lovely gifts. 

(Typical American - all of my birthday celebrating involved food!)

The real reason I wanted to write this post was because I wanted to share the picture below, and felt like I should have some words to accompany it.

Is that not literally the sweetest card you've ever seen?  We're blessed with four of the sweetest nieces & nephews!  I adore being their "Ant" ;)

To top it all off - the birthday celebrations will continue this coming weekend as we spend time with my family.  I'm rather enjoying this whole drawn-out-to-eleven-days celebration!  ;)


  1. Yes! Birthdays should be longer than 1 day and always revolve around food! Yum! Those cupcakes look amazing. You MIGHT have to share that recipe on here unless it's a family secret! Happy (late) Birthday!

  2. happy birthday/week and a half! :)

  3. Happy birthday! Nothing better than extending it as long as possible...

    Also that card is adorable. I got one from my nephews this year that was addressed to "Ant An". Because really, who needs extra letters.

  4. Hi Mrs. MD school,

    I've read your blog for a while. My husband is in his second year of med school right now. AND Oct 3 was my birthday too!

    Glad you had a great birthday!


  5. Happy [belated] day of birth! Hope you had wonderful time despite being so typically American and eating food to celebrate :)


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