Peds complete; Psyched for psych

My husband finished his pediatric rotation last week.  He loved it.  No, he LOVED it.  He's always had a big heart for kids, and I think this rotation has expanded it.  

The first four weeks of his peds rotation were in-patient at the local children's hospital, while the last four weeks were out-patient at various offices and clinics.  His first week of out-patient was at a local doctors' office.  It was your standard sniffles and sore throats type cases that one would imagine when thinking about pediatrics.  The second week was at the resident clinic, and was essentially the same thing, except for folks with low-to-no insurance.  His third week was in adolescent medicine - working with underserved adolescents - and his fourth and final week was spent in the nursery at the hospital doing all sorts of tests on little tiny newborns. 

Out of those last four weeks, my husband's time in adolescent medicine probably had the greatest impact.  He saw some pretty messed up youth, but he also saw the potential to change lives during that pivotal time in their lives.  Doing adolescent medicine would require a four year residency in med/peds (double board certification in internal medicine and pediatrics, which my husband would probably do if he decided to go the pediatrics route), followed by a two-to-three year fellowship in adolescent medicine...all to work with a primarily medicaid population.  We're doing it for the love, not for the money! ;)

Now, the peds shelf has been taken, and the peds books have been packed away, and we're on to.....psychiatry! 

I think I love psych.  My husband....loves the hours (really, that's what I love too).  This is a rotation with no call and no night float, and it will take us right through Christmas.  He is doing child and adolescent psych for the first four weeks.  His hours this first week have been from about 8:45am-1pm daily.  Afterwards, he heads to the hospital to work on his research project, then he comes home to make me dinner and rub my feet....or something like that ;)  Seriously though, he's enjoyed the doctor with whom he's working, has seen some interesting and challenging cases, and has gotten to have some semblance of a life.  Such a beautiful thing!  I think I'm going to like this rotation ;)


  1. Hope the new rotation is plenty of fun! Psych is my love too!

  2. Huzzah for good rotations over the holidays!

  3. That's so great if he's found a possibility of something he'd love doing!

    In the meantime, enjoy that psych rotation. It was the same for us - not at all Peter's favorite, but man, I loved those hours. We get that every once in a great while in residency too - I was just about to write a post waxing poetic about how much I love it when he works at the VA hospital. He doesn't love the staff or the hours in clinic, but I am a happy camper for eating dinner at 6!!


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