Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a schedule!

My husband received his year three clinical schedule!  It wasn't his first pick for order of preference for doing his rotations, but it's not terrible by any means.  He's with a good group of his peers as well - students he gets along with well and are low-drama...win win!  Without further ado, our life in two short months: 

June 25-28: Orientation
July 2-August 24: Ob/Gyn
August 27-October 19: Pediatrics
October 22-December 14: Psychiatry
December 15-Januray 6: Winter Break
Januray 7-March 1: Internal Medicine
March 4-April 26: Jr. Surgery
April 27-May 5: Spring Break
May 6-June 28: Family Medicine
June 29-July 7: Summer Break

He'll be jumping in with both feet for Ob/Gyn.  I'm ridiculously excited because I have a good friend who will be having a baby at the end of June...if she's just a week over her due date, there's a chance my husband could be in her delivery room!  (which is, obviously, mildly awkward and something that neither she nor my husband would be comfortable with...).  

The practice boards last weekend were lovely...It was half the length of the full exam, so (only) four hours.  They got their scores back, and can now use them to tweak their "Intensive Study Period" schedules.  Until then, my husband is finishing up his final domain for MS2, which is GI.  He's learning about all sorts of squishy and yucky things, resulting in our listening to Goljan's diarrhea lectures as we drove to meet my family for dinner this past week - lovely.  He also had his Gateway Exam this week, which consisted of five patients (cardiac, infant, neuro, abdomen and a mystery) he had to interview, examine and write up.  He enjoyed it and received good reviews, but said it was exhausting.  

Aside from that, life is pretty normal - I so wish I could show you what I've been sewing, but the recipient is a reader of this blog.....so I probably shouldn't ;)

Oh, and there are snowflakes in our vicinity right now.  This is what we get for 80 degrees in March!  Hope you all enjoy your weekend!  


A little fun

Life hasn't been terribly interesting around these parts lately, and there's nothing worse than an uninspired post.  Hence the radio silence here lately.  

We did have a chance to break up the humdrum routine as we headed to a Red Wings playoff game this week.  My aunt graciously offered us tickets, and we pounced decided we could probably take them off her hands.  I'd never been to Hockey Town before, but my husband has been to quite a few games.  He was a hockey stud in high school, being recruited to play hockey in college, but politely declining. 


Going to this game was *quite* an experience.  These fans bleed red and white.  And I, of course, did too, or at least pretended...in my bought-the-day-before-from-Meijer Red Wings shirt...

They totally lost the game, which stunk, but we still had fun.  It was good to take a break from real life, do something spontaneous and for the husband to be able to get his nose out of the books for an evening.  

This morning, however, he is taking a practice version of the Step 1 Boards - awesome way to spend a Saturday morning!  Here's to passing!! 



I hope you and yours had a blessed Easter weekend!


Clinical Skills: Playing Vampires

There are various clinical skills which second year students learn and experience for the first time: giving bad news, cardiac exams, child hospital visits, rectal exams, pulmonary exams, etc, etc.  They usually either a) have actors simulated patients come to school to practice their new skills, or b) troop over to the hospital to interview and examine willing patients.

The clinical skill to be learned this week?  Phlebotomy.  The practice patients?  Fellow classmates.  Better hope your partner likes you!

Just feel sorry for those in the class with large and easy to find veins, as they were victims multiple times...

Next week's clinical skill is the pelvic exam.  I promise there will be no photos!


New look

If you've ever visited this blog before, you might notice a little change....as in a completely different blog, visually speaking! I think the main reason that I change my blog's background/color scheme/header so infrequently is because I'm not so hot at Photoshop or HTML, both which seem to be vital to a good design.   But, with the combination of spring, sunshine and my recently improved PSE skills, I decided it was time to bite the bullet and revamp the look into something a little more fun.  If you stumble across anything that doesn't work, let me know!