Purex Baby Detergent Giveaway

Now here's a new product for infants by Purex that I'll soon be utilizing (particularly if we go the cloth diaper route!)...

While I have no reason to use this brand new product by Purex quite yet, I am thrilled that it is now available in select stores, and will be around for when our bebe debuts in June!  

This hypoallergenic laundry detergent delivers the same powerful stain-fighting results as the rest of the Purex line, yet is gentle enough for baby's sensitive skin.  It is guaranteed to remove stubborn baby stains without damaging those teeny tiny little clothes, whether you have a traditional top-loading washing machine or a high-efficiency unit.  This detergent has a light, sweet smell that can only be described as "baby."

The added bonus?  Purex Baby costs only a fraction of other baby detergents on the market.  A 50 ounce bottle of Purex Baby is only $2.97 at our local store (the 100 ounce bottles are coming soon!).  Compare that to the $15.99 for 100 ounces of Dreft, and Purex Baby is a true bargain!  

Now for the fun part - Purex has supplied me with a couple of coupons for you, my favorite readers, to try a bottle of new Purex Baby for free!  To enter to win one of the coupons, just use the Rafflecopter below! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway
This giveaway is open to folks in the United States until 11:59pm on Friday, February 1.  If you've won, I'll contact you via email to snail-mail you your coupon! 

This giveaway is now closed!  Congratulations to the winners, Ricki and Jessica! :)

Purex provided me with a sample of Purex Baby detergent in exchange for a product review.  However, all opinions expressed here are my own.  



Amazon Prime for Students

Does everyone here know about the benefits that students can receive from Amazon?  If you don't, you should, and you should have your favorite student go sign up.  
Amazon Prime has many perks, but our two favorites are access to instant streaming to movies and TV series (decent ones, too!  We've recently started watching Parenthood - which is a terrible idea if you're pregnant.  It's an awesome perk for all of us who've axed cable service to save some money) and free 2-day shipping on eligible items (which is basically everything, unless it's sold by some obscure seller).

Amazon Prime for employed people is regularly $79 a year, but students always get a discounted price of $39 a year.  It's worth it right there for the free 2-day shipping.  But right now, when students sign up, they get their first 6 months free!  If you sign up for Amazon Prime for students and realize you're not utilizing it enough, you can just cancel before the end of your six months and not be charged a dime.

To sign up for Amazon Prime for students, you'll need to use an email address ending in .edu, and enter things like your school, graduation year, major, etc.

We've had Amazon Prime for students since just before Christmas my husband's first year of med school, and we honestly have used it more than I anticipated, for everything from his books to buying Christmas presents.  I'm pretty certain that we'll have it long after he's done being a student (which apparently does happen at some point, right?).

Any questions, just ask away!


The First Trimester

By no means am I anticipating that this blog will become solely a pregnancy/baby blog, but it feels odd to not talk about the fact that there's a human being growing inside of me. ;) I can promise you that there won't be a weekly update, as a) there's no guarantee that I post every week, b) we've been terrible at taking pictures (I think I have weeks 8, 12 and 18), and c) quite frankly, not that much changes week to week, at least nothing that interesting.  So maybe we'll aim for a trimester update. 

In fact, this is shaping up to be a pretty uninteresting pregnancy (hopefully it remains that way!).  We're not finding out the sex of the baby.  There isn't a nursery for me to decorate and show you - though there will be a crib in the corner of the room currently serving as my husband's office/my craft area/the guest bedroom.  The names we pick out will remain a secret (not that we have any chosen, or have actually even discussed such a thing in detail).  I haven't had any extreme food cravings (save for cauliflower!), and even if I was....do you really care to know?  We already took our babymoon to Mexico and even that wasn't that interesting - while we totally enjoyed lots of laying by the pool, reading, hanging out with our family, going to bed early, drinking cold corona, and eating more guacamole than should be allowed, it's not that interesting of a subject about which to read.  

But, for prosperity's sake, I'll share a few things that helped me during my first trimester:

image source
  Necessary every.single.morning around 9am.  

image source
To be paired with above.  Also often consumed seated on bathroom floor, chanting "don't throw up don't throw up."

image source
I didn't use this as much as I would have liked in the first trimester, but this is a pretty good workout.  I was worried it would be really wimpy, but after completing my 40 pushups, I thought otherwise.

image source
While I didn't gain any weight the first trimester, I needed a belly band starting around week 8.  Why?  I have no idea.  My hips must have gotten wider or something.  All I know is that while I could still button my jeans, it was super uncomfortable.  Plus, I mean, Thanksgiving dinner. 

Lots of QT with the bed.  LOTS.  I could sleep ten hours at night and still feel like I wanted to take a nap at 2pm.

image source
Thirsty much?  Our PUR water filter totally got a workout...and is still! 

All in all, I feel like I really can't complain about my first trimester.  Yes, I was tired constantly and I had quite a bit of nausea, but I didn't actually get sick too frequently.  It worked out perfectly that my husband was on his psych rotation (read: lighter hours) so that he could do things I was unable to do, namely cooking dinner.  Smelling something while it was cooking and then eating it was impossible for me.  And if it involved cooking meat - forget about it.  We heard a heartbeat at 12 weeks and I saw our baby at 13 weeks for a dating ultrasound (sans the husband - medical school calls).   Next week, we have our 20 week ultrasound, where we won't find out the gender :)  My husband has already put in a form for 2 hours of excused absence!   

So far, I'm loving the second trimester.  Energy AND an appetite?  Who knew the combination would be so wonderful! 


Love is:

Love is:
Making your post work-out smoothie in the bathroom so that you don't wake your day-sleeping husband who is on night float.   There's nothing unsanitary about that, right?


Internal Medicine/Night Float

Well, it's a new year, a new semester and a new rotation for my husband.  He finished up his rotation through psych (without diagnosing me with anything too serious), and decided that pysch won't be a career path for him.  During his first week of break, however, he did a "mini-clerkship" in the emergency department.  (Not that he might consider taking a break during break or anything).  He loves the ED, and we both wish that he got to do a full clerkship there during his third year, but we are patiently waiting until his fourth year for that.

Now my husband is rotating through internal medicine.  Partway through his orientation day this past Monday, he called to make sure it was okay that he was scheduled for night float the first two weeks of the semester.  Awesome.  No easing into it after coming back from a glorious seven days in Mexico.  Luckily, it's not quite as intense as ob/gyn night float, as this is only 8p-8a.  The downside to this night float is that he still has daytime school things he has to attend.  Resulting in a few days looking like this...

-sleep. try to get on a nocturnal schedule
-night float, 8p-8a

-meet with a doc from 8a-8.30a
-go home and sleep until noon
-say hello to wife (that's me!) when she comes home for lunch at 12:15
-head back to the hospital at 12:30 for lectures from 1-5p
-realize, that in a sleep deprived stupor, the all-important white coat was left hanging on the hook next to the door at home.  Wife quick drops off coat for husband after lecture.
-sleep in call room until 7.50p
-night float, 8p-8a

-sleep. try to get on normal person schedule.

-go to the other med school campus, 1.5 hours away, for super fun "Student Education Day" from 8a-5p
-night float, 8p-8a

Saturday & Sunday
-try to sleep while wife tries to be extra quiet
-night float, 8p-8a 

Essentially, out of the 48 hours between Tuesday and Thursday evenings, I will see my husband for, quite literally, 10 minutes.  

Trying to find the bright side - at least there's no one here to make fun of me if I go to bed at 9pm ;)  Who wants to play this weekend??


Extra, extra, read all about it!

1. This photo was taken in Tulum, Mexico, where my husband's parents treated the family to a trip for Christmas.

2. In this photo, I am trying to draw your attention to my stomach (which is much easier to show off after a week of eating at an all-inclusive). 

3.   The reason I want you to look at my stomach is because in this photo I am 17 weeks pregnant - our very own med baby will be here on or near June 13, 2013!

so. blessed.