Internal Medicine/Night Float

Well, it's a new year, a new semester and a new rotation for my husband.  He finished up his rotation through psych (without diagnosing me with anything too serious), and decided that pysch won't be a career path for him.  During his first week of break, however, he did a "mini-clerkship" in the emergency department.  (Not that he might consider taking a break during break or anything).  He loves the ED, and we both wish that he got to do a full clerkship there during his third year, but we are patiently waiting until his fourth year for that.

Now my husband is rotating through internal medicine.  Partway through his orientation day this past Monday, he called to make sure it was okay that he was scheduled for night float the first two weeks of the semester.  Awesome.  No easing into it after coming back from a glorious seven days in Mexico.  Luckily, it's not quite as intense as ob/gyn night float, as this is only 8p-8a.  The downside to this night float is that he still has daytime school things he has to attend.  Resulting in a few days looking like this...

-sleep. try to get on a nocturnal schedule
-night float, 8p-8a

-meet with a doc from 8a-8.30a
-go home and sleep until noon
-say hello to wife (that's me!) when she comes home for lunch at 12:15
-head back to the hospital at 12:30 for lectures from 1-5p
-realize, that in a sleep deprived stupor, the all-important white coat was left hanging on the hook next to the door at home.  Wife quick drops off coat for husband after lecture.
-sleep in call room until 7.50p
-night float, 8p-8a

-sleep. try to get on normal person schedule.

-go to the other med school campus, 1.5 hours away, for super fun "Student Education Day" from 8a-5p
-night float, 8p-8a

Saturday & Sunday
-try to sleep while wife tries to be extra quiet
-night float, 8p-8a 

Essentially, out of the 48 hours between Tuesday and Thursday evenings, I will see my husband for, quite literally, 10 minutes.  

Trying to find the bright side - at least there's no one here to make fun of me if I go to bed at 9pm ;)  Who wants to play this weekend??


  1. Oye vey!!! That sounds awful!!! Hope he his able to get back to a regular sleep schedule soon! :)

  2. my boyfriend is currently on the psych rotation and also hasn't diagnosed me with anything haha. luckily for both of us he hasn't had to to the night float during internal med rotation THANK GOD. Unfortunately for us, many of his rotations are in other cities so starting in 2 weeks, he'll be away for 3 months :(


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