Simple Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies

When your husband is on surgery night float, working a 26 hour shift on a Saturday and you've feel like you could count the number of minutes you've seen him conscious since Monday on one hand and you're pregnant, you should probably make cookies.

But only make a dozen.  Because otherwise eating all of them will be painful.

Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies
adapted from the recipe by Michelle Dudash

¼ cup quick oat
½ cup flour
¼ tsp. baking soda
¼ tsp. salt
2 Tbsp. butter (or butter substitute)
¼ cup + 2 Tbsp. brown sugar
1 egg white
½ tsp. vanilla extract
¼ cup dark chocolate chips

Preheat oven to 350.   

In a food processor, pulse the oats until ground.  Add flour, baking soda & salt; pulse to mix.  Pour out onto paper towel or wax paper.
Add butter and brown sugar to food processor and blend together.  Add egg and vanilla; process until creamy.  Add flour back in and pulse until combined.  Add the chocolate chips and give it a few whirls to mix, or mix for longer to break up chocolate chips (my preference!).  

Drop with small cookie scoop onto greased cookie sheet.  Bake 10-12 minutes until golden on the bottoms.  Cool on cookie sheet for one minute, then remove to wire rack to cool completely.  The ones you don't eat immediately, that is.

Makes 12 cookies.  Each cookie has 3 grams fat and 82 calories (2 WW+ points).

Note - I'm not a baker.  These are my normal chocolate chip cookies - I leave the real cookie baking to my sister or my mom-in-law.  But these were so quick & easy, required minimal clean-up and are relatively not terrible for you (they are considerably healthier than my Simply Break and Bake's 7 grams of fat and 150 calories per cookie!).  Plus, my husband was gone, so I could bake them crispy, just like cookies should be.  

Right?  Crisp cookies are the way to be...not gooey and under-baked!  Agree or disagree?

I'll be sharing these yummy cookies with these fun parties this week - come join in the fun! 


  1. Your baking sister was feeling bad that she didn't make cookies when you came to she her last week, so she baked you a batch of chocolate chip cookies, but if you've baked your own cookies, maybe you don't want cookies from me. :)

  2. Ooey, gooey, and chewy is the only way to enjoy cookies.


  3. I have a chocolate chip recipe for nights just like that. But I do like my cookies soft not crunchy, but it's a cookie I would eat it crunchy!

  4. Newest follower here! I found you though the blog hop, you have a wonderful blog. I look forward to reading more. You can find me at meandmr.com

    -Melanie @meandmr.com


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