On endings, death, destruction and new life.

(While I know the title of this post eludes to deep and meaningful writing, please do not get your hopes up.  It will be a random smattering of bullet points). 

  • On endings: We sold our motorcycle.  It was an exceptionally bittersweet decision to make, but we couldn't realistically ever see ourselves getting a babysitter to go for an afternoon ride through the country (and apparently taking a baby on a motorcycle is frowned upon).  Also, my sweet husband decided that he'd feel like quite the schmuck if he became roadkill while riding to/from the hospital and left his wife and newborn alone in the world.  So onto Craig's List she went, pretty and overpriced.  She had a down payment three days later, and was gone from our arms garage in five.  Baby did have their first (and last, until the age of 21) motorcycle ride the day Isra left us.  Just around the apartment complex, since pregnant women really shouldn't ride motorcycles, in my opinion.  Particularly when it is snowing.  And without a helmet.  Don't judge me, it was a slow half mile loop. 

  • On death: Two absolutely wonderful women in my life lost family members this week.  One was an expected death of an ailing parent, the other a tragic and untimely loss of a sibling.  I am eternally grateful that these women know Jesus, as I don't understand how one gets through such loss without him.  
  • More on death: Obviously, Boston.  Unreal.  I happened to have the news on last night when they apprehended the second suspect alive, which I never thought would happen.  'Merica.  
  • On destruction: Our world is flooded.  Well, at least our little corner of it is.  In the month of April, we've had 14 consecutive days with measurable rain - totaling 9.84" - making it the rainiest month of April in history...and we still have 10 more days!  Then yesterday, just to top it off, we got a half inch of snow.  Our county is in a state of emergency.  The river that runs through the center of the city hasn't crested yet (it should on Sunday), but there's already massive flooding of buildings along the river, resulting in some condos and apartments being evacuated.  Roads are closed all over the place.  Practically everyone's basement is flooded if they own an older home.  (Chalk up another point for renting!).  
  • On new life: Amidst these endings, death and destruction, I am continually reminded of the hope of new life, as this little kickboxer/gymnast inside of me jabs and twirls and pokes at my bladder.  We had our first baby shower last weekend with my girlfriends from around here, and my side of the family is throwing one this weekend.  We are overcome with the love and generosity towards our little bambino already.   
  • More on new life: Despite the lack of sunshine, things are starting to bloom.  Lots of daffodils and I even saw some hyacinth.  Spring will come.  
(Random bullet points complete).


  1. Wow.. so much going on! I say concentrate on the positives! :)

  2. There is a time for everything...


  3. Oh no about the flooding! The river through our town as well is about to flood...so scary! I am grateful for the rain, but flooding is SCARY!

  4. Selling the bike... ahh the same thing happened for us when we got married... we needed $$, and I was never going to make him sell it --- but I am SOO glad he did. I didn't want to get a call that I needed to come quick and say my goodbyes because some teenager was texting and didn't see him. Phew!

    Love the blog and wanted to leave a note. (and if you look....I promise my blog won't always be so bluntly gloomy. It's been one of those days! : /! )

    Look forward to reading more! :)

  5. It is spring, a renewal of all things bright and wonderful. The water will recede and the green will be that much greener. And there is nothing like a new life... enjoy those kicks:-)


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