A break in the spring

Surgery is over (hallelujah), and is crossed off the "Possibilities for Residency" list with a thick dark line (double hallelujah!).  Surgery is a great fit for some people, but not for us.  It made us tired, cranky and counting down the days until my husband's spring break.

Instead of jetting off as we have in years past for spring break, we decided to have a staycation (for the most part).  Highlights included:

Attending my cousin's wedding to a beautiful and wonderful gal in Cincinnati, and being able to stay with good friends for a couple of nights.
Her dress?  Gorg.

Receiving our beautiful crib, handmade by my aunt.  Added bonus that my husband actually had time to stain it (since I'm apparently not supposed to inhale too many of those fumes).
This is still unstained, obviously

Having our maternity photos taken by our rockstar wedding photog.
Activities included tree climbing, horse petting and canoeing.  My dear husband is a good sport.

Something fun things without photographic evidence - getting our office/guest room/craft room organized and rearranged enough to include a crib and add a /nursery to the room name, and having a shower with my husband's side of the family.  Our baby is so loved by so many already!

My husband keeps saying that he did four months of life in a week, and it's pretty much true!  Between internal medicine and surgery, he certainly hasn't had too much time outside of the hospital/school in 2013.  I quickly remembered how much I truly enjoy and miss spending time with my best friend.   

Now he's on to family medicine!  Day two of his rotation includes night call (just until 11pm, which I will take any day).  Luckily there are only two night call requirements.  I already like this rotation ;)


  1. Surgery crossed off the list?? PHEW! You dodged a bullet, I tell you! Love the crib! I'm sure it will become a family heirloom!

  2. Yay for surgery being over for you! Sadly, my life is surgery. HA HA. Umm...that shot of you getting your photo done- GORGEOUS. STOP IT. So pretty.

  3. ugh, we hated surgery too.

  4. I just stumbled across your blog, really enjoyed reading! New follower :)

  5. I love how you said made "us" cranky - I totally get that. It's the children's hospital months here for us :) So nice that you got to have some time to reconnect after though. And you came to Cincinnati?! How fun. Also: maternity photos - so fun!


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