Our (actual) Gender Neutral Baby Registry...on Pinterest!

Registering for baby items is not easy.  You've likely never cared for a child from birth onwards, and honestly have no idea what it requires.  Stores give you massive lists of items that are "necessary," and it is rather difficult to discern which of those items are actually needed.   Then you start to wander the aisles and see the 100 different pacifier options stacked from floor to ceiling and the strollers ranging from $25 to $2000.  If you're anything like us, this is when you start to break out in a cold sweat. 

After referring to countless lists and reliable sources (aka stalking other new moms' registries and conferring with my sisters-in-law!), my husband and I decided that we'd register at Target and on Amazon.  We were a little hesitant to do Amazon, simply because we weren't sure how the more "mature" generations might react to it, but it was such a great decision!  Obviously the variety is better than anywhere else, the prices are better, and shipping is basically free on everything over $25.  We've only had to make one return so far, and that was seamless (printed a free return shipping label, then they simply credited our Amazon account with the purchase price).  The only downfall to Amazon's registry is that if the gift giver sends the gift directly to the parents-to-be, and doesn't see to select the "gift note" option, you'll receive a box with a mystery gift and have no idea who it is from!  Luckily, there is a "thank you list" on your registry that you can click on and see who gave you what (with their addresses!), so I just employed my sister to check on our mystery gifts, so that we wouldn't see in advance any of our other presents.  

In hopes that it may be helpful to other new moms out there, I present to you:

Our (actual) Gender Neutral Baby Registry Pinterest Board


To see what we actually picked out for our little bambino, feel free to check out my Gender Neutral Baby Registry Pinterest Board.  I wish I could categorize it, but....you'll just have to suffer through it ;)  As you're looking, you'll be able to see that we went the very practical route.  Since we are apartment dwellers, we just don't have room for all of the cute yet unnecessary crap items.  I mean, baby doesn't even have a room to call their own!  I'm not much for the typical babyish patterns and colors, so most of the things you'll find are more modern styles, without breaking the budget (since I could never register for something on which I would never personally spend the money).   Also, everything you'll see will have very high customer reviews. 

As an aside, yes, we are cloth diapering.  We're doing a combo of prefolds with wraps and pocket diapers.  Am I particularly thrilled about the increase in laundry this will cause?  No.  Am I thrilled about the crazy amounts of money we will save by not buying cases and cases of disposable diapers?  Yes.  Being as we received almost all of the cloth diapers our child will need from birth to potty training, we'll essentially only need to purchase wipes from here on out...for this child and any subsequent siblings they might acquire.  Beautiful.  

Since we've yet to meet this kiddo and discover what else we actually need, if you peruse the baby registry board and see some glaring oversight that we will definitely be needing, please tell me!   Likewise, if you have any questions about why we registered for a certain item, ask away.  Feel free to pin and share!  I'll be sharing at these fun link parties this week! 


  1. Yay for baby registries! We did Amazon too and loved it. SO easy!

    We've been cloth diapering my son since he was 4 months old and we'll be cloth diapering #2 as well. We've already broken even on our cloth diaper investment. It is really easy... in fact, I've had quite a few friends that have seen the system comment that they'd like to try it with their next kids! We've loved it (even my husband who was pretty resistant at first thinks they are awesome!). Honestly, the laundry isn't bad with the diapers. Stuffing pocket diapers really isn't a big deal (total brainless TV activity) and is my quickest load. The other baby laundry (clothing, etc) is the extra laundry that gets annoying :) One thing that might be nice later on.... they make disposable liners. They are thin and flushable and sit right on top the cloth diaper. They catch any "solids" so you don't have to scrape or spray dirty diapers. Not an issue when baby is little and EBF, but definitely worth it when baby is eating solids! They are inexpensive (like $12 for 200) and rewashable if baby doesn't have a dirty diaper. We use Imse Vimse from Amazon.

    Ergo was a lifesaver for us. We used it from early on to today (little guy is 15 months and still rides in it!). Swaddlemes were our other huge getting-back-to-sleep essential. If you haven't already checked it out, there is a book called "Happiest Baby on the Block". (Full disclosure, I didn't actually read it, I checked the DVD version out at the library). This was the one book that SO MANY moms suggested. It is another really good resource for calming a young baby.

    We also loved the "Praise Baby" CD collection. It is pretty much mellow, kid-friendly versions of praise songs (but not the annoying type of kid-friendly verion). My son loves it, and even my husband (who isn't into music) likes it (although we've had to turn it off in the car a few times because he was complaining it was making him too sleepy a time or two!).

    ....and I LOVE that you have a new camera lens on your registry. Seriously, you'll want to take a million pictures. That is totally necessary!

    Good luck! You are getting close!

  2. Ooh, fun! How exciting. I have that same diaper bag in a different color, by the way :) I love it. And the tub :)

  3. Oooooooh, perfect timing for this, thanks! People are starting to ask about showers, and I'm starting to realize that I need to do this registry thing and am clueless. And want to avoid ever setting foot in a Babies R Us if at all possible. I was going to default to Target, but Amazon is such a great idea, because I know I'll come up with things that would be nice but Target doesn't carry. Off to look through your whole Pinterest board :)


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