Questions people will ask a pregnant woman

Being pregnant seems to reduce your personal space, both physically and in the types of questions people ask you.  While we are overjoyed to be pregnant and are so happy that people want to share in our excitement, answering the same dozen or so questions starts to lead to some canned responses...

Here are the questions that I am asked rather frequently, some more so in the beginning of pregnancy compared to now (less than one month from our due date!):  
  • How are you feeling / are you having any morning sickness?
  • Was this planned? (seriously?) 
  • Really, while in medical school?  Won't that be hard on you? (I'm no expert, but I'm pretty sure a baby is hard regardless of what the dad does)
  • Are you excited?  
  • Are you feeling movement?
  • What are you having / are you finding out the sex? (Subsequently - asker will give their opinion about knowing the gender vs. being surprised) 
  • What will you do about work?
  • Any cravings? (I think I disappoint people when I only say cauliflower and spicy food!)
  • How much weight have you gained? (never thought anyone would actually ask that) 
  • Have you gotten any stretch marks? 
  • Can I touch your belly? (thankfully only people I know have asked this...I want to remind most people that they are just touching my stomach, which would normally be considered really weird, but I try not to be rude.  Obviously friends and grandmas get a pass on this one!)
  • You've really popped! / You're not big enough! / What does your doctor say about your weight gain? (I'm sorry that I'm a smaller person?)
  • Have you decided on a name?
  • Will you breastfeed/circumcise/get an epidural/etc? 
  • When are you due?
  • Are you ready for this? (Is anyone ever actually ready?)

I am eternally grateful that no strangers have attempted to touch my stomach yet.  I had pictured myself fending off little old ladies in Meijer from groping my body, but luckily that has yet to happen.  In fact, aside from when I was looking at a stroller for my mom-in-law at a garage sale, no strangers have even asked me if I'm pregnant/when I'm due, etc.  I will take it! I've never understood why being pregnant means people think they can say or ask anything they want - how offended would some non-pregnant person be if I commented on their weight gain?!?  A dose of tactfulness is appreciated!

Just for giggling pleasure:


Again - don't take this post to mean that we are anything less than overjoyed that we have so many people in our lives who are excited about our little bambino, because we are! 


  1. People asked how much weight you've gained?! AND if you've gotten stretch marks? WOW! I suppose you can just laugh it off...
    Looking forward to "meeting" this little one :)

  2. People are so rude! I think they forget that it's not THEIR life and baby & everyone is different!

  3. I am about 2.5 months away from my due date and a lady at Lowe's almost fell over last night after she asked/said "Wow, you must be ready to go!" I told her not until the end of July and she was in shock. I have a little frame too, but quickly chirped, "I just grow big healthy babies," as my first was just about 9 pounds... and am really not THAT big! Upon learning that we are having boy #2, the Lowe's lady proceeded to act like my life was over. I shared that another {nosy, but kind} woman promised me I'd always be queen of my castle with two littles and one big guy who will always love me. The whole process is amazing ... equally amazing what strangers will do/say though! Best wishes!

  4. I'm just getting into this stomach thing, and I SO AGREE. I don't think anyone would deny that touching a lady's stomach would be weird an inappropriate, so why don't they get that it's STILL weird when it's a pregnant stomach? And it is pretty weird that suddenly it's normal for people to ask about more intimate body things - even "how are you feeling?" which I know is very kindly intended, is kind of weird, because we're kind of talking about my uterus. My answers to all of these change based on audience for sure - people like my father-in-law get a "feeling fine [can we change the subject now?]", but friends who have had babies get more details :)


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