Family Medicine Rotation

My husband is on his family medicine rotation now.  Actually, he's halfway done with it, so it's probably past time that I mention it, considering, you know, the basis of this blog.  

This is his last rotation of his 3rd year.  In four short weeks, my husband will be a fourth year medical student - one school year away from being knighted putting an MD after his name.  It is an absolutely insane thought to consider.  

Family Medicine for us consists of two weeks of in-patient care, two weeks of clinical work in the residency clinic, and four weeks of outpatient care.  The hospital where my husband is normally placed no longer has family medicine docs roaming their floors, so he was at another hospital here in town.  It was nice for him to get some time in another setting, just to see how other hospitals operate.  

Today is his first day of outpatient care at an office here in town.  They are open 8a-5p, Monday-Friday, and 9a-12p on Saturdays.  My husband says that it's a shame that he isn't more passionate about family medicine/primary care, because a)there is such a high need, and b)the hours ROCK.  But, alas, I don't think there are quite enough adrenaline rushes in family medicine to make it on our possibilities list. 

I'm hoping that my husband is able to talk to his attending today regarding maybe having, you know, a day or two off when baby debuts.  There's nothing set at his school for spouses receiving time off when having a baby, so we're not exactly sure how this will work.  I'm hoping that he can just work some Saturdays or something to make up for a couple of days of "paternity leave."  May his attending be an understanding man!

Hey, by the way, it's Medical Monday!  (or technically yesterday was...so I'm a little bit late!).  Join in the fun!


  1. Thanks for linking up with Medical Mondays. You may be lucky and his Family Medicine Preceptor may say "be with your wife and new baby - take the week off". You never know. Maybe it's time to start baking cookies and for the hubby to start dropping hints:-)

  2. My boyfriend started his third year with Family Medicine (currently in his third week) and the hours are WONDERFUL. His clinic doesn't make the med students come in on Saturdays so we have free weekends together for the first time in two years. What a luxury.

    Trying very hard not to get used to it though, in another few weeks it will all switch up.

    Good to see you again on MM!

  3. MJ, glad to hear again about your journey! MD isn't all that grand, my brother keeps saying internship year is like being a glorified personal assistant :P

  4. Eeee! Can't believe they are almost through 3rd year! I'm sure forth year will fly with Step 2, apps., interviews...etc.

    We both really love family (seriously, the warmest/family friendly people), though I can totally see how the excitement levels might not be high enough. We're hoping to spice it up with some overseas work.

  5. I am sure you will get some time off! :) Big YAY for almost being done with 3rd year! Isn't it a little crazy how fast it goes? Soon you will be sitting here like me thinking, "Wait, he's a DOCTOR now?!" Ahh. Hope you and baby are happy and healthy too!


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