Looking forward to: Post Baby

(Sorry for the overload of baby & pregnancy related posts.  It's kind of the only thing on my mind right now!)

I really haven't minded being pregnant.  Honestly.  Aside from the nearly constant first trimester nausea, it's really not been bad.  I would almost daresay that I've been enjoying it.  I'm still quite comfortable, am sleeping decently well (most nights - some are torture though), and have the energy to do pretty much whatever I want.  

That being said, as our due date rapidly approaches, I've started to consider the things that I'm looking forward to post-delivery.  Of course, meeting our firstborn child, finding out if we have a son or a daughter, introducing the kiddo to our friends and family, and figuring out what the heck we are doing as parents all make the list.  But there are also some rather selfish things that I'm looking forward to post-babe:

With regards to clothing:
jeans image source / tee shirts image source
  • wearing pants with a zipper.  Zipping said zipper. 
  • I've been told you don't leave the hospital wearing your normal clothes ;)  So I'll start small: wearing my own tee-shirts...not that my husbands aren't lovely to sleep in, but I really do miss mine.
With regards to sleeping:
sleeping image source
  • having something cuter than my bladder wake me up 3-5 times in the middle of the night.
  • rolling over in bed without feeling like I need to lift and support my stomach to do so. 
  • sleeping on my stomach, or my back.  Basically any way but on my left side!
With regards to eating
sushi image source  / wine image source / sub image source
  • sushi.
  • wine (that bottle in particular).
  • as much cold deli meat as I want without being paranoid that I'm poisoning our baby.
With regards to living:
grocery image source  / silhouette image source / spray paint image source
  • it not being socially acceptable for anyone to make any comments about my size or weight.
  • lifting things without people asking if/telling me it's too heavy.  Related - going back to carrying all of our groceries for the week up to our third floor apartment in one trip.  The day when I was carrying 10lbs of grapefruit, 4lbs of oranges and 5lbs of potatoes, along with everything else for the week was when I realized that perhaps I was in excess of that silly 20 pound limit.
  • bending over without feeling like I could potentially topple over.
  • spray painting.  Odd, I know, but I like the smell of spray paint to spray paint often, and my husband has pretty limited time and patience to paint all of my projects for me!

We're down to two days until our due date (Thursday).  Just throwing it out there, I'm pretty certain this little one is quite content right where they are, and I'm absolutely expecting to go well past our due date.   I asked my OB how long she'd let me go over prior to inducing...she informed me that she just delivered a woman at 42 weeks!  So at most, we've got 16 days left before we become a family of three. 

Is there anything that you experienced moms out there can advise me to be doing in these last few days(weeks) pre-baby?  Aside from sleeping as much as possible, that is ;)  I've got as many meals in our tiny freezer as I can fit, my mom-in-law got me a pedicure yesterday (yes!), and my hospital bag (fine, bags) are as packed as they're going to get before heading to the hospital.  Any other last minute preparations that you'd recommend?


  1. If at all possible, have a date night or date breakfast (whatever you can fit in) with hubby... your sweet little one will change the of your relationship ... in an amazing way! There was something forwarded around on FB that talked about this changing relationship ... I blogged about it here: http://aswistakstory.blogspot.com/

    Best of luck on a quick, easy delivery!!

  2. I love that you are excited about spray painting again :)

    My OB's advice was to make sure we did a date night or two before baby came. It seemed sort of silly at the time since we were doing lots of regular date nights previously, but we ended up splurging on a really nice dinner and weekend out (we spent a night downtown in an exciting area in our city). It is definitely possible with a baby, but you realize after-the-fact how nice is it to go without having to figure out a babysitter or pumping or whatever else. It is kind of fun to just go out and be a couple.

    Also, the pedicure is complete necessity before baby comes :)

    And by the way.... a rather intense and competitive three games of bowling in two hours seemed to get our little boy to finally decide to make his appearance (3 days late!). Just in case you get antsy :)

  3. Mine doesn't seem as fun but I know they say don't eat before you head to the hospital and MD Hubby may agree but I say have a little something before you go.

  4. Oh my goodness, can't believe the due date is so soon! I am jealous that you get to do some of these non-pregnant person things (which I always took for granted - never again) so much sooner... (Oh, and meet the baby too, of course!) I have never been a back sleeper, but there is nothing I want to do more right now. And stomach. Oooooh I look forward to that.

    You keep pampering yourself and enjoy these last few days - pedicure is a great way to start!

  5. omg omg omg! I didn't even realize it WAS TIME ALREADY! I'm so excited for you. And I second PP: a pedicure at the end is great. I went in for a pedicure the Saturday or Sunday (I've since forgotten actual day, but it was close) before I went into labor (on Monday). I'm not saying they're connected, but it certainly was a really, really nice and relaxing thing to do for myself, by myself before the baby came. I actually even decided in the moment to also let them give me a manicure. It was an awesome hour and a half.


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