Liam at 1 month (!)

Liam is somehow already one month old today!  These past four weeks have both flown and felt like an eternity - It's hard to remember life pre-baby, but at the same time, we sometimes look at Liam and say, "That is our SON."  It is still crazy and slightly surreal to us.  

The following is an update, probably too detailed for most of you, but something that will (hopefully) thrill our far away family and friends.  Feel free to skim ;)  

Liam is pretty much officially in 0-3 month size clothing, thanks in part to his cloth diapers.  I think we could still squeeze him into newborn sized clothes if he was in a disposable diaper, but with his bubble butt, we're pretty much into 0-3 month size.  Which, while sad that he's outgrown his teeny tiny newborn clothing, is exciting, because he's got a pretty kick-butt wardrobe to show off!  

At the chiropractor the other day, Liam was 9 pounds, 10 ounces and 21 inches long.  That's a gain of 2 pounds, 7 ounces and 2 inches over birth!  

Our buddy boy sleeps in our room in his bassinet (previously used by two of his cousins!), and he gives us 2-3 hour stretches of sleep at night...who ever knew three hours straight could feel so good?!  We still swaddle him up tight at night and make him our little burrito.  For this mama to sleep and not wake up to every little grunt and sigh, we have both white noise and a fan running.  Liam still sleeps a lot during the day, obviously, and I don't believe that you can spoil a newborn, so he mainly sleeps in loving arms or snug in my Baby K'tan wrap.  It seems that every day he is more awake and alert, with added open eye time every day.   

This kiddo can eat.  And when it's time to eat, he goes from perfectly content to MAJOR CRISIS MELTDOWN in about 10 seconds.  You'd think we deprived him ;)  As of late, Mr. Liam is eating roughly seven times a day.  He's a gassy little guy, and his dad is the best burper thanks to that hard chest!  This mama's favorite thing about feeding times is that Liam always manages to find one of my fingers to hold onto while he dines.  

Liam's current hobbies include batting at his friends hanging down from his activity gym (we claim it's intentional and not the result of random flailing of arms, but he does it about the same amount with his eyes open and eyes closed...), and a little game we call Open Air Pooping.  That's right.  Our son prefers to poop whenever his diaper is off.  You hear of little boys spraying during diaper changes, which Liam has done on occasion, but four times out of five, Liam goes poo when his diaper is removed.  The first time, I screamed.  Now, I fully expect and prepare for it.  His third favorite hobby is napping on his dad while he studies for Step 2.

Obviously, everything was a first this month.  But some noteworthy things:   
  • First holiday - the Fourth of July!
  • First bottle: 7/4 - given by Dad while this Mama took a nap!
  • First pacifier: 7/6 - as he attended his first wedding and was hysterical as we were walking in.  That thing is a lifesaver!
  • First professional photo shoot: 7/11 - our photographer deemed him an old soul; we completely agree
  • First diaper rash: 7/12 - Bourdeaux's Butt Paste took care of that!
  • First tear: 7/13 - broke his mama's heart
  • First coo:  7/15 - we thought it was a fluke, but he's given us a couple of coos each day since!
  • First play dates: with Charlie (born 6/13) and with Elijah (born 7/16)

Other fun facts
Liam is a total hand man.  His hands are any and everywhere - flailing and grabbing and hitting things constantly, including himself...hence the nightly swaddle.  His eyes are still blue, though we think they are beginning to change, and that they probably have a 0.05% chance of actually staying blue.  Tummy time is a daily activity here.  Liam enjoys it for 5-10 minutes before vocalizing that he is d.o.n.e.  The one thing that our child abhors (more than pooping inside of his diaper) is bath time.  His umbilical cord fell off at 7 days, and while he tolerates real baths slightly better than sponge baths, he still bleats like a dying goat when we take him out of his little whale tub, even though I always warm his towel in the dryer (I know). Our dear son has a mullet; a rat tail.  We don't know if we should cut it off or leave it be.  We'll take opinions ;)  

This kid is amazing.


  1. Oh I am soooo happy for you! Liam is adorable :-) I feel like I could have written this post about Graham when he was a month, they sound very similar. I love his little cloth diaper bum!! So sweet. Congrats on the 3 hrs of sleep... I never knew 3 hours could feel so great- like we could take on the world! Graham is pretty consistently 12 hours now and I credit it all to swaddling till he could roll over, white noise, and not responding to every wimper and sigh when he was a newborn (bringing up bebe) looking forward to reading along with your journey as he grows!

  2. So apparently I took an extended break from blogging, and when I came back to look at my blogroll, YOU HAD A BABY! (Obvi.) CONGRATULATIONS!!


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