Necessities for the first three months

I'll be honest, this post will only matter to a handful of people (like Anne!)...but here are our baby necessities for the first three months!

For cleanliness:
stain spray/hand sanitizer/laundry soap

You will be shocked at the amount of poo a tiny little person can make.  With our cloth diapers, we have VERY few times that these is any sort of leakage in the diaper area.  However, with Liam's favorite past time of open air pooping, there has been a big need for Shout stain spray, which comes in a "free" variety.  Mama can't catch it all, especially at 2am.  

In line with diaper changing, it's great to have hand sanitizer right where diapers are changed...double use: set it out on the counter so when visitors come they can "scrub in" before holding a tiny new bambino.  

Don't buy Dreft.  It's a waste of money.  We love Baby Purex (not just because it's about a quarter of the price!).  Also shocking is how many pieces of tiny little clothing you'll fold out of a half full washing machine. 

For nursing: 
water bottle/nursing tank /nursing pillow
Water is apparently important when you're nursing.  I love this Contigo water bottle because you can drink from it with one hand - no opening or caps to mess with.  

Not that I love nursing in public, but these Undercover Mama nursing tanks are great for making sure your torso and back stay covered.

Boppy lovers, you have no idea what you're missing.  The My Brest Friend Pillow (cringe at the name) rocks.  It straps around you and has back support, sits tight to your torso so the babe can't slip down and has a pocket.  My favorite feature is the strap -  that way if someone (apartment maintenance) comes to your door, you can skedaddle into the bedroom and shut the door without your baby missing a beat.

For sleeping:
miracle blanket/swaddleme wraps/white noise machine
While it isn't a total miracle for us, in that Liam is still up normally twice a night (hello, I'm a zombie MJ), the Miracle Blanket is the only swaddle that can currently contain our strong son.  Kid's gotta be swaddled to sleep, as his hands startle him awake every two minutes otherwise.  Oh, for a fully developed cerebellum.  We're to the point that we can't use the pocket because he just kicks his feet out, so we just leave them out to begin with.

Prior to using the Miracle Blanket, the SwaddleMe wraps worked great.  But he got too strong for that velcro!  These were great for the first six-ish weeks.  

White noise.  Oh my lanta.  Both for the baby's sake, and for ours (when he was in the bassinet in our room).  Liam is noisy at everything he does.  Noisy eater, noisy breather, noisy sleeper.  I wouldn't have slept a wink without white noise on!  

For surviving:
pacifier/swing/play gym
While I never have said that I am anti-pacifier, I was kind of hoping Liam wouldn't want one.  Negative.  This kid LOVES his pacifier.  Whatevs.  It pacifies him.  It's cool.

Liam loved his swing when he was a bit younger, he's not quite as keen on it now.  He used to fall sleep in it quite a bit but doesn't as much now.  We primarily use it as his "dinner swing" so that there is a chance that both my husband and I can sit and eat without holding Liam.  It works about 50% of the time ;)

I don't know what we'd do without our play gym.  We spend a lot of time under this thing!  Liam loves to bat at the toys (we've named them all) and we attached a mirror to the top so he spends a lot of time smiling and cooing (breaks my heart!) at the cute baby he sees above him ;)  

Added bonus:
scripture lullabies
We absolutely adore this CD.  If you get it and listen to it while snuggling your babe, you will have tears streaming down your face, guaranteed.  We did and do.

  • Grandmas.
  • Coffee.


  1. I love your list! Isn't that contigo water bottle the BEST!!?! Love it! And the brestfriend (cringe on the name!) is a thousand times better than the Boppy :-) graham is almost 8 months old and we still use it at night time. Speaking of night time we were big swaddlers and white noise fans too. We had the sleep sheep and just stopped using it last week because we found the sound turning off was waking him up :-( he's been falling asleep with nothing this week but we're looking into a legit machine to help drown out house sounds & keep him sleeping all night

  2. I feel honored that you wrote this :) And also like I might have another Target trip to make before this baby comes (like I don't already go there on a weekly basis, ha). I have a couple of these things but hadn't thought about some others - white noise especially seems like a good idea for mom & baby!


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