Liam at 4 months!

Liam G is four months old!  So much for monthly updates for our family...apparently we're more the quarterly update type of family.  Like last time, this is way more than most of you will want to read, but I know I'll be glad that I wrote it when I get around to filling out Liam's baby book...a couple years from now.   

Growth & Looks
Last week, we weighed "little" Liam at my parents house using my dad's meat scale, and Liam came in at 15lbs 5oz.  I finally gave up trying to squeeze him into 0-3 month clothing and got out the 3-6 month clothing the other day, as my husband said that the smaller clothing had to be getting uncomfortable!  As for length, he's roughly 24 inches, but he's so squirmy that it's hard for us to know for sure.

Somehow, he still has blue eyes, and his hair is getting lighter...coming from two dark featured parents, we're increasingly mystified by this.  One of his grandmas does have green eyes, and his other grandpa has blue eyes, so it's not totally impossible that he'll keep his blue eyes.  If his eyes do turn brown, I don't even think I'll recognize him - it seems so strange to imagine!  

We are slowly working on his third chin ;)  His little legs are getting rolls, his rat tail is getting longer and he lost some hair on the sides of his head (oh the things that are only cute on a baby!).  Luckily his hair is growing back in on the sides to even things out with that party in the back!

Can we skip this one?  Ugh...Liam had his first cold this month and it totally ruined his and our nights.  There have been nights in recent weeks where he has woken up 6-7 times and had three night feedings (primarily because it was the only thing that would put him to sleep!).  We're working hard to help him establish better sleep patterns, because he is such a happier baby when he's well rested, and he has just been overtired for weeks now.  We're back down to two night feedings and he's getting a little better at self-soothing.  Also, we've stopped swaddling, which the kid LOVED but he's really close to rolling over so it had to end.  His little face looks like he's a hockey player with all his scratches from those flailing free arms...Napping is another struggle (I don't know how he came from a mother who LOVES to sleep).  Ever heard of the 45 minute intruder?   Our son is a victim of it 90% of his naps.  I try vigilantly to help him back to sleep but I only succeed maybe a quarter of the time, and that's always in his car seat (that swaddled feeling, I think).

Liam's thoughts on sleep training.
Liam loves to eat and he is unbelievably impatient.  When he is hungry, he is hungry NOW and you'd better not delay his tummy!  He still doesn't get very many bottles, but when he does, he's started putting his hands on it like he's holding it - precious.  A strange new phenomenon is that he sometimes refuses to eat unless I stand to feed him.  Awesome.  

Liam has discovered his ability to blow spit bubbles.  He does it all day long and is normally a slimy mess because of it (again, only cute on a baby).  If he's not blowing spit bubbles, he's trying to fit his entire fist in his mouth.  On more than one occasion, he's been nearly successful, but then he gags himself ;) 

Thankfully, open-air pooping has slowed down some.  That being said, Liam still loves to poop.  I have friends whose babies have one dirty diaper every seven days....Liam still has about seven a day!  We've decided this is because he LOVES having his diaper changed.  Seriously, it's his happy place.  Watch this video for evidence:

He's discovered his hands a lot more (though not his feet, except for excessive kicking).  He's always been a hand man, but now his movements are so intentional.  While being held and cuddled (which he still lets me do in the mornings and after naps) he will mash my face with his hands.  Liam will hold onto toys if he's in the mood, but he's kind of too cool for them.  He does enjoy Jacques the Peacock and the sunshine taggy toy that I sewed for him.  Liam also really likes to hold hands.  If he's upset, it's one of the best ways to soothe him.  So stinking sweet. 

Liam would MUCH prefer to play with mom and dad rather than toys, and normally protests to being left alone for too long.  He loves to "stand" and be "super baby", and his neck is getting so strong.  It's so cute to watch him look around and observe the world.  Liam is very interested in what is happening, and my husband can stand him on the counter while I'm washing dishes and he's eternally intrigued (maybe he'll love washing dishes someday??).  

If Liam could decide what he got to do all day, there would be three main activities.  First, he'd watch the ceiling fan.  When he tired of that, he'd want his diaper changed so he could laugh at his purple flowers (see video above!).  He'd end his day watching football.  Or baseball.  Or infomercials.  Really, he doesn't care what that box is showing, as long as it is flashing lights and making sounds.  Seriously - if the TV is on (which it really hardly ever is when he's awake), we have to turn him from it or he will stare at it unceasingly; then he'll crane his head around to try to see it, and if he's unsuccessful, he'll start crying.  Oh yes.  

Finally, Liam loves to hear singing.  We have songs we sing every day: "Rise & Shine" in the morning when he wakes up, "The Peace of God" off of this CD that everyone should have before sleeping, and "The Hokey Pokey" when we're getting dressed...because he still doesn't love having his clothes put on, but this makes him grin.  Liam doesn't care two licks how terribly I sing, either ;)

As mentioned above, Liam had his first cold.  Talk about sad and no fun!  So hard to see our little guy so miserable with nothing we can do to remedy the situation other than turn on the humidifier, rub on the Baby Vicks, suck out his nose and cuddle him. 

He also rolled over for the first time!  Tummy to back, just did it all of the sudden last week when I was at my parents' house.  He rolled, my sister and I cheered, and he repeated the process twice...and hasn't done it again since ;)  It was after that when we stopped swaddling him, so maybe his little brain thinks that if he doesn't roll again, we'll bring back the swaddle!  He's trying to roll back to front too, but he hasn't been successful in that yet.  

That's Liam at four months old...a third of a year already!


  1. He is so darling! WOW! 4 months?! That is so crazy! He is such a doll. I love that he is light! Isn't that funny how that works out sometimes? I hope he starts sleeping a little better--maybe the cold winter with it being dark so early will help? :) How fun will it be to have an adorable 6 month old for Christmas though?!

  2. Your son is so adorable!
    I happened upon your blog recently and have really enjoyed reading about your life being married to a med student. My husband just started med school this year, so it's nice to get the perspective from someone a little further along in the process :-)


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