'tis the season...interview season.

Since submitting his application last month, my husband has been invited to interview at quite a few programs....the first of which will take place on Thursday!  Currently, he's been offered interviews in the states of:
  • Illinois x3
  • Michigan x3
  • New York
  • Colorado
  • Georgia
  • Wisconsin
  • Minnesota x2
  • Indiana
  • Ohio x3
  • Kentucky x2
  • Tennessee
  • Missouri
  • South Carolina
  • North Carolina
...and probably some that I've forgotten.  Yeesh.  That's a lot of miles.  These are going to be road miles too, not air miles.  We're trying to do these as inexpenisvely as possible, so my husband will be driving to the bulk of his interviews (not Colorado...that one will be a family trip, so long as it stays on the calendar!).  Don't worry, I'm letting him stay in hotels instead of sleeping in his backseat ;)  The past few nights have been spent looking at a map and trying to arrange and rearrange the order of interviews so that he isn't driving in circles around the country.  We're trying to group things together as logically as possible, but there will likely be some overlap somewhere, just based on availability.  He's thinking he'll end up interviewing at a total of 15 places.  I'd love to be able to pack up Liam and road trip with him to see some of these programs and cities, but a) Traveling with a nursing infant sounds like way too many stops to ever make good time... b) What the heck would Liam do in the backseat for 10 hours?  Nap, and then be awake all night, that's what... c) I hate road trips.  ;)

Current thoughts and feelings about the interview process?  Well, I think my husband is a ridiculously great canidate and any program would be lucky to have him (and I'm not biased just because he's mine).  I'm not worried about the match process (as of yet), since I know that there is a perfect place picked out for us already.  We are just hoping that doors will be clearly opened and closed to help guide my husband in his decision making.  Right now, my main concern lies in the four weeks that I'll be rocking it as a single parent.  I'm already concerned for my sanity.  Who wants a play date?

Any tips out there from those of you who have conquered residency interviews?  Things to do/not do, say/not say, things to pack, etc?


  1. Ahh that's exciting :) Sorry, I have no advice, but I'm sure it will go great! My husband is in the midst of the medical school application process right now :)

  2. Residency interviews seem so long ago, but my husband did just recently interview for Fellowship, which was also a match process. I would say don't be afraid to tell the program that he really likes it there/it's one of his top choices! And I hope y'all have better luck in Colorado than my husband did- he interviewed in Aspen during a snowstorm and almost didn't make it there! He had to drive from Denver to Aspen by himself in a rental car because his connecting flight was cancelled. I was terrified he would get in an accident since we're from the South and never have snow!

  3. Make sure he doesn't forget his suit? Seriously. Make sure he doesn't forget his suit. Most of the interviewers just want to get to know you and see if you would be a good fit with the other residents, the community and make sure you actually have an interest in the program. You'd probably have to be super awkward and weird to get crossed off the list, which I assume neither of you are. (: I think we interviewed at 12-15 places. I say "we" because I traveled to most of my husband's interviews with him. And most of them knew I was coming and included me during lunch or something. It's not as bad as it seems. Good luck!

  4. I think the best advice for interviews is to just go in confident and prepared. I know Derek had to say a little prayer before he went in to calm his nerves. Derek is really critical on himself and a perfectionist, so a couple of the interviews he was down about. Derek interviewed with 15 programs I believe? Podiatry is different--they all meet in one GIANT hotel in Texas and hash it out in a week. It's kinda fabulous. Anyways, he ended up getting a lot of call backs and afterwards, a ton of "non legal just calling to tell you we like ya" phone calls before rankings. That was MORE stressful in my book. Looking at this list and deciding what to rank and what not. We did travel for his audition rotations though--literally cross country. DC--San Fran. SUPER FUN! I don't like being in the car, but it was a blast. It was days of just being together--something we don't get very often! Bring healthy snacks in a cooler, tons of water, and study materials. When Derek drove I quizzed him, and we also just talked. It was nice. NOW-- you do have a baby, so that changes things a little, but you will still be able to do it!

  5. Many moons ago my son and I went with my husband to 3 of them. He was a week old for the first one- he is almost 31 now! He looked at a few programs by himself. We loved our top 2 choices and got one of them so we were happy. Our first trip was to Iowa and it was snowing and the wind was so strong it looked like it was snowing sideways. We crossed it off our list when our old Volvo started swaying in the storm. I'm sure you'll get a great match and be happy whenever you go. My only advice is to get together with the other wives and kids as often as you can. It makes for great memories and a happy home. By hanging out with them, I didn't resent him being gone all the time during some of the rotations. I knew it was part of the deal and it was temporary. Enjoy!

  6. So exciting! I am looking at the list and surprised to see so many cold places on there!

    I don't have a baby to bring to a play date but I would love to hang out. Let me know when are desperate for some adult conversation :)


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