Liam the 5 month old!

Growth and Looks
Our big guy was 16lb, 3 oz and was 26 inches long at his last doctors appointment (at about 4.5 months...we're a couple of weeks behind for his bimonthly appointments, thanks to some holidays).  That's 75th percentile for both.  When he was born, he was in the 25th percentile, at his 2 month he was 50th percentile and now we're in the 75th!  You know what that means...150th percentile by his first birthday ;)  I kid.  Out of curiosity, I just weighed him using the very accurate "hold him while standing on the scale" method, and he came in at 18.2 pounds.  I'm going to hope that was a little off. 

Liam's still in 3-6 month clothing, though I'm pretty sure I'm going to need to get out the next size sleepers fairly soon.   I just washed his "size two" diaper covers today, since I'm sick of squeezing his diapers into the size one covers.  He wears size 3 disposable diapers at night.

Our baby is still rocking the baby blue eyes.  I love it.  He looks nothing like either of his parents, though I'm excited to do some baby picture comparing while we are at our parents' houses over Thanksgiving.  

Unfortunately, Liam has acquired the lovely eczema that has plagued my husband's nieces and nephews.  It really flared up while we were in dry dry Colorado (more on that later) and we've been fighting it ever since.  It's the worst on his cheeks and in his behind-the-knee rolls (luckily not too bad in his arm rolls...his thigh rolls...his belly rolls...his neck rolls...ha!  He's rollie pollie).

We should just skip this.  It's unreal how terrible of a sleeper he is.  But as my husband and I say, if he was a good sleeper, he'd be the perfect baby, and we just can't ask for perfect.  He is still eating twice a night and waking up at least one other time.  Napping has improved mildly - we normally get at least one decent "crib nap" (as I call any nap he sleeps the whole time in his crib) in the morning, and his afternoon nap he still normally ends up in his car seat.  I tell him every day that 45 minutes does not count as a nap.   He'll sometimes also take a short cat nap in the late afternoon, around 5pm, which is convenient for dinnering.    

We did move Liam onto a four hour schedule, which seemed crazy after being on a three hour one for so long.  But he is doing much better with it, eating more and not fighting as much.  He's still on a liquid diet...we haven't decided when we'll start solids yet.  He obviously getting the nutrition that he needs, if we use the scale as a judge.  Though I did make my first batch of baby food the other day when we had leftover butternut squash!  I'm thinking I'm going to bypass the whole rice cereal thing and just go straight to vegetables when we take the plunge.

(this is a really random place to put this video, but it's pretty much my husband's proudest moment of fatherhood as of yet.  Please note, we do not actually let our son watch all that much Sports Center).

The Jumperoo...oh the Jumperoo.  We have friends who were kind enough to let us borrow theirs.  It's huge, it's mildly obnoxious, and the songs are constantly stuck in my head, but oh my lanta - our baby loves this thing.  He's eternally intrigued by the lights and all of the things to do (though he's easily startled by some of the animal noises, ha!).  He loves "standing" so this is perfect for him. 

I'm continually impressed by how his dexterity increases every day it seems.  He is just so intentional with his hands, grabbing things, trying to gnaw on everything (though we still don't feel any teeth in there), and, my favorite, putting one of his hands on each of my cheeks and giggling. 

Liam has discovered his toes!  It is adorable, even though it complicates diaper changes...he alternates between grabbing his feet and "running" or pedaling his feet as fast as his chubby little legs can go as soon as his diaper is off.  We might have a nudist on our hands.  I've seen a toe in his mouth once or twice too. 

Another new hobby of Liam's is refusing to be on his stomach - that's right, we officially have a roller (though this should technically not be in this post, as it's only started in the last couple of days, and I'm six days late in getting this post on the blog).  His Snailey toy used to keep him entertained on his belly, but now that he's discovered the joys of rolling, there's no keeping him face down anymore.  That being said, he still loves his Snailey the best out of any of his toys.  

This kiddo has also discovered his voice, and that he can use it to YELL.  He will holler until we respond.  This is probably not a good indicator of things to come, right?  

Liam had his first trip out of state!  His first airplane ride was to Denver, where my husband was interviewing.  We tagged along to go see my good friend Emily who lives just south of Denver.  He was a champ on the plane ride out - the flight was only about a third full so we got to take our car seat on with us in spite of the fact that we didn't pay for a seat, and Liam fell asleep before take off and woke up somewhere in the Denver airport.  


The return flight, however, was completely booked.  My husband was flying on to Seattle for another interview while we were flying home, and Liam was WIDE awake. Unbelievably, there was a woman on our flight from my husband's hometown, whose son he'd played hockey with since the age of 8.  God will provide!  She had a great time playing grandma on our return flight. 

We had our first overnight away from the babe, technically on his five month "birthday."  My husband had an interview that was just a few hours away at a great program, and he wanted me to come along so I could see the city and go to the interview dinner.  We had some very brave grandparents volunteer to watch Liam overnight, and I'm sure it was exceptionally harder on me than it was on him.  Thankfully, the little man didn't forget us and still managed to love us when we returned ;)

Like I mentioned above, Liam's officially rolling from belly to back.  He did it that one day over a month ago, but now he is really on a roll with rolling (oh man. I must be a mom.  My puns are getting worse).

First Halloween happened this past month!  (He might have worn that bib today - it's the only one that doesn't soak in seconds!)

Naturally, for his first Halloween costume, Liam was a doctor.  I feel like it was highly appropriate (and we'd already been given the outfit!).

That's our smiley, happy, easy going boy at five months old!  You make this mama's heart so full.



  1. Wow, that is one cute little boy!

  2. He is so big! Oh my goodness I love a chubby baby. Too darling. Also, you look AMAZING!


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