help wanted: Match Day/Graduation Gifts?

My husband's rank list is officially certified and submitted...no turning back now!  We made two major changes the last week, so we are happy to not be able to make any other adjustments...or at least I am!  In alphabetical order, the states of his top five choices are:  Colorado, Michigan, Minnesota, North Carolina, Tennessee.  So.  We'll see.  In 23 days. 

We got the information about how Match Day will happen...we'll all convene at a nice local Italian restaurant, have lunch and open envelopes at noon - I try very hard not to let my heart pound thinking about that.  It should work out with Liam's nap schedule to come with us and not be too cranky during the event.  Hopefully.

Okay.  Enough Match Day/heart palpitation inspiring talk.  I need some help!  For those of you that have gone before and made it through the events of the next few months, I need to know if you have any awesome gift ideas for the soon-to-be doctor.  I mean, I have one: 

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But I mean, really?  Four years of hard work and dedication and all I can come up with is a coffee mug?  I'll take any ideas you have...cutesy, useful for what's ahead, thoughtful, homemade...whatever you've got!  

Thanks in advance ;) 

Update: I'm going to link this post to Medical Mondays!  Would love to hear YOUR ideas!


  1. Very, very, exciting! That is cool about meeting at a location and opening envelopes! We logged on to the CASPR/CRIP website to find out.... probably because we were all so spread out across the country & to be sensitive to those who needed to scramble or not match (so sad!)
    ANYWAYS...I say, skip the gift! Go out or cook a nice dinner for you guys and just ENJOY a night together. No books, no stressing, no nothing. You both deserve it! I know after the match was FINALLY a tiny little time for Derek to catch is breath and for us finally to have a "normal" marriage. Sounds corny, but it's true!

  2. So I am behind you (we are MS3) but I have already thought about graduation gifts. So here are my 2 ideas. First, have you seen the "My Daddy" poem? It's a play on the M.D. initials after a doctor's name. It's cute. I plan on having it engraved on a nice frame and putting a picture of my husband and kids from graduation in it. Google it if you haven't seen it before:) My second gift idea is a business card holder (one to carry in his white coat) also engraved...with his name! Heck, he will have worked hard to get those two letters after his name...he deserves to see it and enjoy it every day!

    Ok. And now to end my ridiculously long comment! Yay for being so close to being DONE! I can imagine how nervous/excited you are about match day. It already gives me a bit of anxiety and we still have over a year before our match day!!!

  3. So fellowship match gifts I have seen are mostly cakes in the shape of the organ they're going to study, or operation game for surgeons, white coat, etc.
    I think the appropriate gift really depends on the specialty...
    I got mine more shirts and ties since the cardiothoracic surgey fellowship has a lot more clinic/conventions/ meetings/M&Ms /presentations etc than general surgery residency.
    I don't think it needs to be a big gift. It's more of a relief at that point knowing that they'll be working somewhere.

  4. Doctor bag cake. 3D doctor bag cake. Whenever I've met them, they love them.

  5. My heart is already racing for you. I remember those days and that was 8 years ago! Best of luck, I am sure you will be happy and successful in each of the cites your ranked.

  6. Match day!! So exciting! Does he already have a nice doctor's bag?

  7. Match day, so exciting!! Does he already have a nice doctor's bag?

  8. Maybe a watch that he can be reminded of his accomplishment? Or a nice wallet? My husband is so hard to shop for and Im kind of in the same boat. He's graduating fellowship and I need to find something special-Ill keep checking here for more ideas. Congrats!

  9. Liam is such a ham!
    And glad you could bring the fam to match day. My classmates brought their significant others/spouses and children to match day too.

    I agee with Lulu above. how about a nice Doctor bag? unless he won't use....
    visiting from MM. thanks for linking up.

    new follower here. :)

  10. From MM, I think he will just be glad he matched. Match day and its festivities is all very melodramatic and exciting.

  11. I tried to think about some of the things i would want after graduation. The first think that came to mind was a party with all of my family and friends that I was not able to really spend as much time with during the busy years of school. Also anything engraved with those two new initials! You can get a paper weight or something for a desk. Maybe an engraved leather notebook/ portfolio. I saw a doctor's sign that is a collage of words medically related with the doctors name in bold ( I think you can search it as "Doctors Gifts Personalized Subway sign". A framed hippocraean oath...

    This is a really unorganized list pf a post I plan on making later, but a lot of my ideas were really girly so i tried to narrow it down

  12. Any more ideas on graduation gifts? My husband graduates here in a couple weeks and I'm drawing blanks. Something thoughtful, simple, affordable?


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