Liam Gabriel | 8 months

Growth & Looks
Liam is a solid little man.  I'll be washing the 12 month sleepers tomorrow...my goodness.  No doctor's appointment until 9 months, so I can't give an accurate update on his stats, but standing on the scale with him gives an approximate weight of 19.8 pounds!

We're still rocking the Conan/Macklemore light brown hair.  Appropriate to go with his blue eyes. Grins are still toothless.

There have been nights where he hasn't eaten!  There have been days with two 90-minute-long naps!  There have also been nights this week where he was awake for no discernible reason for two hours in the middle of the night.  Extra awesome when his dad has to be at the hospital at 5am.  Not cool, kiddo, not cool.  

Had another cold this month...a good excuse for cuddles, Winnie the Pooh and Mike the Monkey

Still not the biggest fan of what we call people food.  Child loves his milk.  I think he just fills up so much on milk that he's not hungry whenever we try solids (which is three times a day - his dislike is not for lack of trying!).  He'll literally clamp his mouth shut and shake his head no to dodge the spoon.  It'd be funny if it wasn't every time we tried to feed him, save for his precious bedtime oatmeal.  I just made up some red lentils to try mixing with veggies, and he did enjoy some lentils and carrots this afternoon, so that is encouraging.  Other new foods that he doesn't like include mango, green beans, peas and pineapple.  

  • First time rolling from back to belly (I know, super late).  He's never been a fan of tummy time so why would he roll onto his belly? 
  • This has been the month of true belly laughs.  We'd heard a few in prior months, but now we can get them without much effort.  It's so cute it hurts.  The video below was just before bath time.

  • First "crafternoon" with his mom.  Painting on babies feet should be attempted at your own risk!
  • Valentine's Day!  Our eligible bachelor swooned all of the ladies (not really.  Though he was making eyes at another little girl while we were out to dinner - BOGO for a kiss at Qdoba, anybody?)
Taking selfies with mom obviously does not make the "favorites" list, though pulling her hair would.

Hobbies, talents & likes  
  • Since discovering that he can roll, Liam has been rolling across the room.  Mind you, it still happens pretty slowly, but it does indeed happen.  
  • With the aforementioned belly laughs, Liam can now tell when we are being silly (or trying to be silly).
  • He's always loved standing, but now he can do it with just a little bit of balancing assistance.  No real strides towards crawling yet.

  • Giving kisses/eating his mom's face is a daily activity.  He tries to give them to his dad sometimes, but has discovered he's not a fan of beards in his mouth! 
  • This normally jabbering (lots of dadas, no mamas!) noisy boy becomes a little quiet when there are other people around.  He'll still give out smiles like nobody's buisness, but it takes him a while to warm up and start being vocal.  He loves to people watch though.  
  • Liam loves his dad's yawns.  They are always loud (sometimes a bit extra loud when he has a certain audience), and Liam thinks they are hilarious.  

We are just loving watching Liam grow, change and become his own little person.  Every month when I take his monthly picture, I think, "Surely this is as cute as he could possibly get!"  He's proven me wrong every month.  Such a fun and handsome little nugget we have!


  1. I really like using the stuffed animal as a point of reference in the month-by-month photos. He's grown so much!

  2. 8 months already?! He really looks older in the latest photo in the lineup - so cute. And I extra love reading these posts now that I've got my own... it's good for some perspective (okay, I'll stop complaining about this apparent 4-month sleep regression, because it doesn't sound as bad as your nights!) and for some looking forward to what's to come. Baby belly laughs are the best! Also it makes me feel better to know that you've got a late roller - we have a similar major dislike of tummy time and I'm pretty sure he'll never roll or crawl because of it. Walking won't be an issue though with how much he loves assisted standing!


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