Liam | 9 months

How is our little man 9 months old already?  I think that this past month has been my favorite so far. (It is probably due to the second category below!).  His little personality is really starting to shine and we love it.

Growth & Looks
We are undoubtedly pushing 20.5 pounds.  Nine month clothing still fits, though I have to use my handy dandy "crotch extender" that I sewed for some of the shorter onesies.  He's filling out his 12 month sleepers like nobody's business. 

"They say" that eye color should stay after nine months of age, so it looks like we have a blue-eyed boy!  Liam's hair is starting to darken a little bit, but is still light brown.  I'm wondering if the sun (if we ever see it again) will keep it light this summer. 

We have not one but TWO bottom teeth!  They are exceptionally hard to see, let alone get a picture of, as Liam immediately puts his tongue over them.  We were expecting teething to be terrible, but we didn't even know when he cut his second tooth; I just happened to catch a glimpse of it one day.  

Terrible photo but there they are!
If you would have told me two weeks ago that Liam would be essentially sleeping through the night now, I would have never believed you.  BUT.  He is!  He first slept through the night at 8 months and 18 days old.  That's 265 nights of me getting up at least once but often multiple times during the night. I don't have words to describe the utter exhaustion that accompanied that and would wish it on nobody.  I only hope that I forget it and catch up on sleep soon! 

We didn't really plan on "sleep training" but when Liam woke up two mornings in a row and wasn't hungry, refusing to eat for about an hour after waking up, we decided it was time.  If we were cutting out a feeding, it most certainly would not be the 7am feeding!  The next night, my husband got up with the baby when he started crying at 3am and proceeded to try until 4am to feed him a measly little 3 ounce bottle (our thought was that we would do a 3 ouncer, then the next night two and then one, just to wean Liam down), but Liam flat out refused.  He went back to sleep without eating.  The next night, he slept from 8pm-7am, and we never heard a peep.  Ah-may-zing!  

A typical night is Liam going to sleep around 7:30pm and getting up for the day around 7am.  He's been waking up once or twice during the night, whining for a few minutes and then falling back asleep. The last week has been decently good; we've only had one night of excessive crying/intervening from dad.  I have not been in his room after putting him to bed in 11 nights!  Napping is generally going better also; a morning nap from roughly 10-11:30am and an afternoon nap from about 2:30-4pm.  

I am so happy to update this category this month :) Sleep deprivation is an ugly thing and it colors every aspect of your life. 

We have a picky pants on our hands.  I'm pretty sure the bulk of our troubles stem from the fact that he's able to still fill up on milk pretty well, nursing four times a day now that we've cut out that pesky middle of the night snack.  We have had some people-food successes though!  Liam's favorite combination is red lentils, cauliflower and zucchini (I mean, of course, right?  Why didn't I try that earlier?), and he'll eat about a quarter cup if he is in an eating mood.  Liam really enjoys having family dinners, which is adorable.  He eats his best when we're eating together.  He's shared a couple of dinners with us, butternut squash soup at a friend's and a vegetable chowder that I made here.  He LOVED them both.  We're equating it to either the salt, the chicken broth (aka salt!), or garlic/onions, since he is his mama's boy.  

To get him to eat fruit such as apples, we have to mix it with squash or carrots; he is not a fan of fruit on its own.  He's found a love for taking sips of water while he's eating too and sometimes refuses to take another bite until he's had his water.  I just bought a jar of "puffs" which I am mildly opposed to but know that they're perfect for him to practice picking up and eating, and I do like that they dissolve so quickly, not that I sit around waiting for him to choke or anything.  New tastes this month include: cantaloupe, apricots, peaches, sweet corn, zucchini and cauliflower, lentils, white beans, pickles (what? I did it as a joke but he LOVED gnawing on it!).  Next on the docket: blueberries, parsnips and broccoli.   

  • First tooth!  Bottom left popped through on February 25, and bottom right on March 13. 
  • First time caught sleeping on his belly (and first HUGE pile of drool on his crib sheet!)
  • First time making it all the way through church in the nursery!  We've been struggling to find the best time to attend church, with our services being offered Saturday night (too late), and two on Sunday morning (right during nap time).  But with the time change, Liam's started going to bed a little bit later, so we tried the Saturday evening service this past weekend, and he made it through nursery the entire time without needing us to come get him!  Hallelujah!  We've been feeling like we're missing out on an hour and a half of free babysitting every week ;)   
  • First time purposefully clapping his hands.  If we say "Yay Liam!" and clap our hands, he normally joins in and claps too.  
Hobbies, talents & likes 
  • Favorite toys: lion walker (not that he walks with it!), popper truck, fish rattles, a Sesame Street activity board from 1994 and his cow book (this has been his favorite for a long time).  Non-toys: buttons on dress shirts, drawstrings, curtains and blinds, tupperware containers, hangers.  Non-toys are much cooler than actual toys all of the sudden.  

  • We've still got a curious kiddo on our hands, and when he's trying to figure out something, he'll turn his head sideways to investigate further.  Hand-eye coordination is continuing to increase.  Liam's life goal is to pick the freckles from my skin (future in derm?), carefully pinching at them in an effort to remove them ;)
  • Liam LOVES baths.  He liked them before but now he thinks they're great.  He chews on his toys, drums on his tub, splashes and then looks around like, "hey, who splashed me?!" Cause and effect, baby! He ends up with wrinkly toes and sitting in cold water by the time he's done playing.  
  • Still loves playing piano with his mama.

  • When he's tired, Liam will lay his head on my shoulder while I'm singing to him before naps (speaking of, we lowered his crib mattress down a notch).   So sweet.
  • Stranger danger is at an all-time high.  We're talking eyes welling up with tears and letting out a big, red-faced cry while being held by someone while I am standing next to them.   I'd say it's cute, but really, it's a little inconvenient.  
  • Liam is still not crawling but he's doing lots of spinning and a little bit of scooting backwards.  He desperately wants to move, and "swims" in place, kicking his legs like crazy, but he just can't figure out how to get his knees under him and move.  

  • When Liam gets really excited (aka when his dad gets home!) his entire body thrashes in what we call the Liam Shake.  He gets hard to hold on to!  
  • You know Sheldon from Big Bang Theory?  Liam's laugh resembles his breathy laugh too much sometimes. 

Could he be any sweeter?


  1. He is so precious!!!
    Thinking about your sweet family today as you find out where you matched!

  2. He is soo sweet! I love his big eyes and full head of hair! I hope your match was good news and the BEST and RIGHT place for your little family!


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