Monday Matching

Well, my husband matched...somewhere!  It is wonderful to know we have somewhere to call home, but I've officially decided that Match Week is a strange and unusual form of torture.  Prior to this, I've felt very patient about waiting until March 21 to find out where we'll be for the next three to seven years.  However, now that we are so close, if I were to sustain a mild head injury and wake up at 11:55am on Friday, I would not be disappointed ;)


  1. Happy Day! Cannot wait to see where you go! :) Congrats again! I remember it like yesterday...

  2. Best of luck, praying for you!

  3. Yay, congrats!! Though I know this part of the wait is the worst part - at least when we did it, match day was on Thursday instead of Friday! And I guess you probably heard by now about the glitch in the system that allowed some people to find out on Monday their location... my sister is matching this year too and she said that the NRMP sent out an email explaining the glitch simply to torture the rest of the people who didn't get to take advantage of it :)

  4. Hi MJ,

    My name is Sarah and first I want to say, congratulations on your hubby's match! We don't know each other but I came across your blog because I am also married to a man who is beginning medical school this fall. We are so excited and I have been researching what other wives have learned and experienced as a spouse of a medical student. I skimmed through many blogs today but your's has been the most encouraging! I am also a daughter of God who loves keeping house, making crafts (I cook because we have to eat), being thrifty but mostly I desire to love, support and help my husband as he pursues his medical career! I am nervous and hopeful at the same time but feel so inadequate for this journey so I am truly grateful for your openness to share your life and experience through this blog! SB : )


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