Liam | 10 months

This handsome guy is 10 months old!  Here's the monthly update for grandparents, aunts, and prosperity's sake ;)

Growth & Looks
I know other mothers might beg to differ, but I'm pretty sure Liam is the cutest baby in the world  ;) This guy isn't growing as quickly anymore.  He's staying on his growth curve right around 50th percentile, but there's no more doubling weight in three months! He's perfectly average as we like to say.

We've stayed pretty steady with this category.  Naps are normally between 1.5-3 hours a day, split into two naps.  Nighttime sleeping is still fairly solid, sleeping about 11 hours a night, from roughly 7:30p-6:30a.  I do wish he would understand the beauty of sleeping in on the weekends, but I am still not far enough away from my complete and utter sleep deprivation to complain yet!   

We introduced meat this month!  Only chicken & egg yolk thus far, but he seems to like it!  Mashing up meat is a little disgusting to me, but oh well.  Kid's not quite to the chewing stage yet!  The big news on the eating front is that he's finally figured out how to pick food up and put it in his mouth. Liam puts EVERYTHING in his mouth, like most babies do.  Ohhhh, a little piece of lint on the floor??  In the mouth it goes.  But for some reason, every piece of food that he would pick up from his tray never quite made it to his mouth.  We overcame that hurdle though and I'm a little concerned that he's going to start refusing to be spoon fed, as he's so proud of himself when he picks up those little bites and they make it into his mouth!  If I had to pick his favorite foods, they would still be lentils, zucchini and cinnamon oatmeal.  

  • Liam sat up from being on his belly for the first time this month!  It opened up a whole new world to be able to move from vertical to horizontal.  He was thrilled.  It melted my heart the first time I went into his room after a nap and found him sitting up in his crib, just as happy as a clam.
  • However, he was more thrilled when he got those roll-covered knees under himself and figured out how to crawl!   After the first few tentative moves, he can cross our apartment in no time flat.  Supervision requirement has increased tenfold.
  • Liam celebrated his first Easter (technically a day over 10 months old)!  We spent the weekend house hunting (ugh) and then with my side of the family.  No bunnies, but his grandma did have quite the goodie basket for him!

Hobbies, talents & likes  
  • Liam loves the wind in his hair, so to speak.  He thinks it's hilarious when you blow his hair out of his eyes off of his forehead.  
  • With his new found mobility, Liam is in to everything.  Just in time for us to start packing!  I now understand the fear that mothers have when their children are being too quiet.  Normally, that means that Liam has crawled to something and started chewing on it (what is it with electrical cords??).  My favorite part of him crawling is that if he's in the living room playing and I'm in another room making dinner or whatnot, he'll crawl in to come see me.  Precious.   
  • I'm not encouraging walking any more than I have to (kidding) (not) but Liam loves to walk while holding onto mine or his dad's fingers.  We have to walk quick though, otherwise his feet get planted.  We call it moon walking.    
  • A dislike would be left socks.  He always pulls off his left sock, but leave the right one on. 
  • Now that it's finally warming up outside, Liam has learned to love walks a little bit more now that he doesn't have the wind making his eyes water and turn into little tear-icicles.  He'll lean forward and hold onto his tray, which I'm sure has nothing to do with his mother's stroller driving skills.
  •  Someone has ticklish sides!  He giggles and pushes your hands away when you try to tickle his sides.  Unbelievably cute. 
  • I'm eagerly awaiting hearing the "m" sound come from this boy, but in the meantime, Liam has started carrying on grunting conversations.  If he's in the mood, he'll go back and forth "talking" and making sounds with someone for quite some time. 
  • Crawling is great and all, but how are you supposed to crawl and carry your favorite toy along with you to your destination?  By carrying it in your mouth, obviously. 
    People always talk about how quickly time flies and how fast babes grow.  It is absolutely true.  


    1. He is so beautiful (or handsome...I think we can still call a boy beautiful at that age;). Fun that you are recording these milestones!

    2. Aw he is super cute! And those eyes are absolutely gorgeous!

    3. Ahh those beautiful blue eyes! (I'm with Meredith - we can still say "beautiful" I think.) I'm going to grant you cutest 10-month-old, since I definitely have the cutest 6-month-old :) And way to go on nighttime sleeping and sitting yourself up, Liam! Impressive.


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