Liam | 11 months

Growth and Looks
I'm pretty sure Liam has plateaued  in the growth department.  His 12 month clothing still fits well, and his cheeks and thighs haven't increased in size ;)  I'm curious to see if his hair will get any lighter this summer, or if it will start to darken so that he looks like he belongs to his parents! He's still lacking in the teeth department, with a grand total of two.   

Baby boy in our new living room! This was inspection day.
Aside from any time that he has a cold (which is more often than I feel like it should be!), Liam has been sleeping through the night well and napping solidly.  The kicker is that his early morning rising is creeping earlier; he's normally awake by 6:15am.  He had his last sleeps in our apartment on May 17th, the day we moved. 

Liam crashes pretty hard sometimes.  Don't worry; I move his head to the side.
Liam eats lots of things!  I've stopped keeping track of "new" things and pretty much feed him whatever we are eating (as long as it's not too spicy or has too much curry!).  Anything with garlic and onions gets his vote of approval, and he definitely prefers veggies over fruits still.  He loves "chicken soup" (aka chicken with whatever veggies I throw in and lentils or beans).  Liam sometimes refuses to eat purees unless he has things to pick up and eat with his fingers by himself, so we'll alternate bites of puree with pieces of green beans or something (extra cooked, for our Toothless Tom!).  (Any great bite-sized foods to give for babies lacking teeth?  I just mainly do veggies or cheerios in half, but that's so boring!).  

My first mother's day!  The ring was my husband's grandmother's; it has stones from her mother's wedding ring.  My sweet husband had the band made thinner so that it wouldn't look silly on my hand.  It turned out beautifully!

Our little mover and shaker went from crawling (on 4.7) to pulling up three weeks later (on 4.28).  I feel like that was a pretty quick transition for the boy who took 7 months to roll over for the first time!  Our coffee table suddenly seems lethal.  He wasted no time figuring out how to cruise along the furniture, and squat back down to sit.

Liam also figured out how to wave the day his dad graduated from medical school.  His cousin was sitting in the row behind us, and she waved to him and he did it back!  He does big back and forth waves up high, but his little finger waggle waves are down low towards the floor.  

Hobbies, Likes & Talents
This boy is a ham to the max.  If he's intentionally being silly, he'll squint his eyes shut and laugh, then peek to make sure that you've noticed how cute he is ;)

Liam loves to do "SOOO big!" particularly while getting his diaper changed.  I never thought that seeing a baby throw his hands over his head when asked how big he is would about break my heart, but it does.  I have an adorable video, which I should post. Maybe in time for the next post ;)

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  1. Once a cutie, always a cutie! Can't believe he is almost 1! Hope you are loving your new home and neighborhood! xox


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