Moving for Residency

Happy Medical Mondays Week ;) 

We are moving to a city with an crazy housing market where homes are sold unbelievably fast (half of the time before they are even on the market), normally for over asking price.  The supply of available homes was SHOCKINGLY low, and we would tour places that would sell for literally half as much in our current town as they were selling for in our new town.  We looked quite a bit in the suburbs surrounding our new city but it was the same story.  

Buying a house is not fun.  But to rent a 3 bedroom (totally horribly completely emerald green wallpapered slightly outdated) house in this new town of ours would have cost us twice what we pay in rent right now.  That's nuts, yo.  So despite the fact that we might only live here for three years, my accountant father-in-law ran the numbers and we determined that buying was the way to go.

So, without further ado: 

Relocating: the numbers 

89: The number of days that we had between Match Day and my husband's first day of orientation for residency. 

22: Houses toured.  

6: The number of times we've driven the five hour round trip in the past seven weeks.

2: Offers put in on houses. 

1: Offer accepted!

1: Number of times we saw our home before putting in our offer.  

1: Nerve wracking inspection

1: New home for our family!

The landscaping is a disaster but it's been empty for two years.  Maybe by the time we move out it will have an ounce of curb appeal!

Our little (I mean little like finished area is smaller than our current apartment, ha!) 3 bedroom 1 bathroom ranch on a city street that we closed on yesterday. 

We move in eight days.  I suppose I should pack something? 


  1. The house we bought was empty for 2 years and the elderly woman who lived here hadn't tended to the yard in approximately 8 years, according to our neighbors. We bought this place in 2012 and are still trying to get the backyard under control. But at least there is always a project to work on, you'll never be bored!

  2. Congrats on the new home! Aren't you glad that the home buying process is done for awhile? It can be so stressful! The market is insane where we're moving too. We'd intended to rent since we'll be new to the area and wanted to figure out our new town. Turned out to be same story... crazy expensive/poor quality rentals and houses going off the market really quickly. At any rate, congrats! I hope that moving day goes without a hitch!

  3. Congratulations on your new home!! I know some areas are just crazy right now. In my area, we have a construction boom going on, because no one wants to sell or buy. Instead, everyone is adding an addition onto their home. I hope you have fun decorating the place and making it your own! Thanks for linking up with us for MM! I hope to see you back on the grid in September! You should post pictures of what you've done with the place!! That would be fun! :)

  4. 8 days?! How exciting - congrats, homeowners! We saw our place once before buying too (and 15 others in that same day) - isn't it crazy trying to do this all on a short timeframe between Match Day and need-to-move-by day? This makes me feel lucky we didn't have the crazy market to deal with here though...

  5. congratulations! I really hate moving and apartment hunting. I had to look for a new apartment in a city that was near by and it was very frustrating. I cant imagine touring 22 homes. I am glad you found a house you liked and you are able to make it a home : )

  6. Good luck with the move! We just bought a house for the first time for the first attending job. Our housing market sounds just like yours! Two houses we wanted to see sold in a day. It's super frustrating! Congrats on the new house though- it's so cute!

  7. Thanks for linking up with Medical Mondays and congratulations on your new home purchase!

  8. That sounds like the kind of house we have now! Best of luck with the move!

  9. Congrats on moving! I feel your pain. We are finishing up fellowship next month and bought our first house. We also only saw it once before putting in an offer so Im really hoping we did the right thing. Im so glad the market is back up though thats always a good thing. It such a cute house and with some flowers and landscaping will look so adorable :)


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