Liam | One year (!)

How is this possible?!  Our baby isn't a baby anymore - he is one year old!  Practically a toddler.  It's crazy to think about what we were doing a year ago; reading our birth story is surreal (yeesh I was in labor a long time!  I still remind myself sometimes after a good toe stub that I had a baby for pete's sake!).

While individual days and weeks may have seemed long, the year as a whole flew past.  Every day he seems more and more grown up, and I catch glimpses of what he'll look like when he's about four years old often.     

Being a mom is not easy.  If you are a mom, you already know this.  If you're not a mom, go thank yours for all of the sleepless nights she had when you were young.  

Look at that pose!

Growth & Looks
Our little buggaboo weighs in at almost 20.5 pounds and 30.5 inches long (official measurements from our new pediatrician's office, which weighs the kiddo diaper-free, while his last one weighed him with his diaper on...).  That's about 35% for weight and 65% for height.  Our little hockey player is turning into a string bean.  Apparently all of that speedycrawling is a good workout! 

Someday, Liam will get more teeth.  But not for his first birthday gift, apparently. We're starting to see lots of bumps on those tops gums, but he's sticking with those bottom two for the time being. 

Now that we're settled into our new home (what? your husband graduated? you moved? he started residency? you have a blog?), we'll probably need to find a new gal to cut our hair, since Liam apparently could use his fourth hair cut already (or maybe we'll drive back to see Janine!).  We get comments all of the time about his baby blue eyes. 

We've been battling more skin issues.  After our second trip to Denver in June, his little face was a train wreck; so many dry patches.  Our new pediatrician gave us some miracle cream that has improved things substantially!

Pure joy.

This child gets up so.stinking.early.  He had a couple of weeks this month that he was up by 5:45am.  He's pushed it back to about 6-6:15 (and even made it until 6:45 once!!), but that's still pretty early for a baby.  Bed time still has no impact on when he wakes up, so I'm pretty sure it's time to consolidate naps down to one a day, but that's rather difficult when we're up so early in the morning.  He almost fell asleep in his lunch the other day when I was trying to stretch him to stay awake later.  Sleeping remains our biggest challenge. 

New favorite photo of this little guy.

Despite his lack of weight gain, this child eats quite a bit.  We do pumpkin oatmeal or a fruit and yogurt smoothie for breakfast, with cheerios or toast (which is actually just bread.  Remember, no teeth?).  Lunch is something along the lines of spinach with red skinned potatoes and zucchini, and dinner is something like lentils with chicken and veggies.  More often than not though, we've just been pureeing whatever we're having (Balsamic turkey meatloaf with roasted veggies? Collared greens? Moroccan chicken and cauliflower?) and he devours it.  Liam still has his bedtime oatmeal and milk three times a day (cutting it down to just wake up and bedtime pretty soon). 

We've gotten to the point where we can't really eat in front of him without him whining and reaching for a bit of whatever we have.  Cute, except when we're at his grandparents' house who always have freshly made chocolate chip cookies.  It's made me realize how many of those things I eat when we're there!

Playing in OUR backyard.  Someone's not sold on the whole grass thing yet.

Liam had his first kayak ride with my dad-in-law!  He loved it and went on multiple the week we spent with them.  We also discovered it must be relaxing, as he fell asleep on one ride ;) 

First taste of cake...nom nom nom.  Actually he didn't love the first taste, but it was nearing bed time at his first-first birthday party and there were lots of people looking at him and he was so overwhelmed.  His second-first birthday party, on his actual birthday with just the three of us, cake eating went much better.  By his third-first birthday party, he knew the drill, ate a ton, and smeared the rest on his belly and in his hair ;)  White cake with white frosting is necessary for babies!

nom nom nom...

Hobbies, Talents & Likes
Little man is getting more and more vocal.  He will yell to get our attention, has a "naughty noise" which is actually quite helpful because he isn't sneaky in the least when he's going to do things like try to tip the floor lamp over ;).  When he's excited or extra happy, he'll do his "godfather" noise as we call it, a hoarse, throaty excited noise.  

Liam can walk about two steps if he has momentum going, but hasn't been brave enough to let go of the furniture while cruising by himself yet.  I'm okay with it...once he walks I think it will be about two days before walking turns into running.  He's finally started to crawl over to us and get up on his knees and raise his arms to be lifted up which is very sweet...until about the 20th time in an hour that he does it ;) I know, someday he won't want me to hold him...but we definitely need to work on independent play so that I can get some work done at home too!

Wrestling is a nightly activity in our home that results in endless giggles.  Growing up with no brothers, this whole rough housing thing is a little foreign to me, but baby boy loves it so much! Being chased is also very fun, but thankfully things like "This Little Piggy" also conjure up lots of laughing too.  Liam would prefer to climb over things all day if he had his way.  He'll go out of his way to crawl over my legs even if there is a clear straight path he could have taken to get to his destination.  Future rock climber in our presence? 

Not sure what cognitive development milestone these fall under, but Liam loves to hand us things, then take them back, or open boxes or drawers and pull out whatever is in it (remote and coasters...all of his shirts...the napkin rings are his current favorite though), or putting things into a box.  That makes this giraffe toy his current favorite.  

Nautical birthday party at the lake!

Liam Gabriel, you are a joy to everyone you meet, and we pray you keep that joy always.  Happy first birthday, little love bug.


  1. What a sweetie! He's so big. His party looked darling! What a fun time...new house, new state, a toddler, new job! Fun, Fun, FUN!

  2. Happy (belated) birthday, Liam! It's been so fun to watch him grow through your posts, especially as it gives me things to look forward to in a few months (oh, and I'm so with you on the sometimes long days but super short months and on thinking back to the few short months ago of actually giving birth - sometimes it's still so mind boggling to me that I did that!). Love hearing about the good eating - you should do a baby menu post sometime so I can copy :)

    p.s. love the cake eating photos and especially that "new favorite" photo. Though it must be so bittersweet to look at because while insanely cute, he looks SO grown up!

  3. Im catching up on med blogs your son is so cute! Hope you guys had a fantastic summer and you can post more soon :)


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