Liam | 7 months

Growth & Looks
No official updates on size, but we are in 6-9 month clothing, and it is fitting rather well.  There's still rolls on top of rolls on this baby ;)

Liam's rat tail is reforming (drat!) and his hair appears to be channeling Conan's a little more every day (see picture below).  It's just so fluffy and long on top!  It only lays flat when wet and brushed, which lasts about 2 minutes (see picture above).  Blue eyes are here to stay, I believe.  

Still teeth-free, though we are pretty sure he's actually teething now (similar to the last few months when we were also pretty sure he was actually teething).  

He's not always naked, but he does rather enjoy it!
We were making progress.  Then we went on a vacation that included a trip to the ER and a sickness that is still lingering, twice-nightly feedings ("nursing is the best thing you can do for a sick baby"), coupled with lots of coddling by grandparents.  Last night, he was only awake twice for about 90 minutes total.  This is a huge improvement over the last two weeks. 

Liam normally takes a good nap in the morning (about 1.5-2 hours) followed by an early afternoon nap of 45 minutes and a catnap of 30-45 minutes in the late afternoon.  Some days though he's a stinker (such as this morning) and only does 45 minutes in the morning too.  He would nap for 2 hours twice a day in his swing, but he can't nap in his swing forever, so we stopped letting him. Which stinks for me and my level of productivity, but welcome to motherhood. 

Getting ready to eat sweet potatoes in the same highchair as his daddy did when he was a baby!
Liam's still not a huge fan of real people food, aside from cinnamon oatmeal and carrots.  We have fruit mid-morning (pears or apples, and introducing bananas this week), veggies early afternoon (squash, sweet potatoes or carrots, introducing green beans this week) and his beloved cinnamon oatmeal before bed.  He literally smacks his lips in anticipation for each bite of oatmeal and will start whining if we take too long in between bites ;)

Child's still refusing bottles.  We left him with his grandparents for a day and he only had half of one bottle the whole day we were gone.  Stubborn much?

Bird watching at Grandma and Grandpa's house

Hobbies, talents & likes

  • Liam officially loves his feet, and can put them in his mouth, which is both cute and gross.
  • Fine motor skills are improving, and Liam has a love of tags.  Why in the world did I cut off the tags from most of his toys??  He loves to put them in his mouth and rub them between his fingers.
  • Textures are also very intriguing.  When being held sitting down, Liam loves to scratch his fingers on the back of chairs.  He still also loves his dad's beard for the same reason. 
  • Baby loves peek-a-boo like nobody's business.  He will belly laugh, which is beyond adorable. 
  • Related to the above, Liam likes anticipation and surprise.  A toy being bounced across the floor to him will bring squeals of delight.  
  • Driving golf carts ;)
  • The world is a drum and Liam will beat on it.  The table, our hands, his booster seat tray, that toy on the floor...if it sits still, Liam will pound his hands on it. 
  • We think we've discovered some of Liam's sign language.  We're pretty sure that face grabbing means "I love you" and when he rubs his head with the back of his hands it means he wants his mama (alternatively a sign for hunger!).
  • Liam's current favorite activities include bouncing in his jumperoo, sitting on the floor (unsupported for long periods of time until he gets tired and flings himself backwards - thank goodness for piles of pillows!), pulling out every toy from his basket (I'm trying to convince him that it's just as much fun to put them back into the basket, but he's not buying it), and chewing on reading books.  He's also taken to lunging for far away objects, which is fine when hands are there to catch him, but he's wound up in a couple of hairy situations (aka laying face down in a pile of toys). 

  • Liam had his first Christmas...and we had our first feeling of needing a bigger apartment ;)
  • Discovery of consonants on January 7.  We've been waiting for those adorable dadadas and since figuring out how to make his tongue do that, he hasn't stopped jabbering.  So cute. 
  • First trip to Florida...here's before his first toe-dip in the pool
He's naked...again! 
  • First trip to the ER, also on January 7.  While in Florida, we were awoken to a terrifying sound of Liam gasping and not able to take a breath.  Upon listening to his chest, my husband decided a trip to urgent care was in order (as he was kicking himself for not bringing his stethoscope...a normal item on vacation packing list right?).  Unfortunately, urgent care was closed so we hightailed it to the ER.  While in triage, I quickly dropped that my husband was finishing medical school, and we were promptly whisked back to a room.  Liam received a nebulizer treatment and shot of steroids.  Poor baby.  He was sick the rest of our trip.  
Still no attempts towards crawling, which I'm selfishly okay with.   Average is 7-10 months, so we're still right on schedule ;)  We love you Liam G!


Residency interviews...uno mas!

Yay for Medical Mondays!  Perhaps the only time I write a post about something other than the bambino ;)

My husband is a fourth year medical student and is nearing the end of his residency interviews.  In case you're unaware, this whole process is kind of sort of totally crazy.  Thus far, my husband has been on 15 interviews, with one more remaining.   Of these 16 total, he will have driven to 13 interviews and flown to three.  Had he been able to drive to these places in the most logical order without coming home in between, it would have taken him 39 hours in the car.  However, with the way that interviews panned out, he ended up with eight road trips that totaled around 80 hours of driving.  Thank goodness for audiobooks, right?  I would have literally lost my mind. 

Here's a peak at the trail my husband has taken.  This is in the logical order, not in the actual order of the interviews.  You can guess the three that were flights instead of road trips!  

I'm quite excited for this process to be completed, for a multitude of reasons.  It will be nice to have my husband home again, because while it's cute that Liam gets excited, reaches for his dad and smiles at him while we're Facetiming, it's also a little heartbreaking.  Likewise, it will be wonderful to actually start making our rank list and narrowing the possibilities.  It's a little crazy to think that we already have cut the list by about half when we canceled a bunch of interviews, and to know there are some places that he probably won't rank. 

There's about a 99% chance that we'll be moving in June and leaving our comfortable, happy little bubble where we've lived the past nine (holy cats - that's a third of our lives!) years.  The chances that it's out of state are high too.  We are surprisingly okay with that.  We're just resting in the fact that no matter where we end up, it's exactly where God wants us to be, even if it's hard for us to see.  Having that mindset also takes a little bit of pressure off of us too ;)  We figure if we don't leave now, we never will, and that also means we might not appreciate "home" as much as we should.   That being said, if we didn't end up too far from home, I don't think we'd be that disappointed!

So, uno mas.  Then residency interviews are over.  Our match list is due by February 26th.  Match Week begins on March 17, when applicants find out if they matched.  March 21st is THE MATCH DAY, where we find out where we'll be for the next three, and potentially six/seven, years.  Holy mackerel.  This is getting real!



Liam | 6 months

Oops.  Liam's technically 6.5 months old today.  I'm way late in writing this.  Naturally.  But he didn't have his 6 month doctor appointment until today, so I'm claiming it's okay ;) 

Growth & Looks
Well, Liam is a growing boy!  At 6.5 months, he weighed in at 18 pounds, 5 ounces and 26.75 inches long.  He seems huge to me but is obviously perfectly average.  I mean, even the back of his hands are pudgy!  See the rolls above.   I'm just in the process of switching his clothing over to 6-9 month clothing, and his toes are already reaching the end of his 6-9 month sleepers. 

His hair is filling out/in again on the sides and back, after some unfortunate/only-cute-on-a-baby balding.  It's light brown in color (when freshly washed!).   Eyes?  Still unbelievably blue. 

No teeth yet at 6 months, but drools like mad.  His pediatrician today deemed his gums still "squeaky clean." 

I can't wait for the day to be eager to update this category.  Liam's still a stinker at night.  There has been exactly one time that Liam has gone the entire night without eating, but I can't technically include that in his 6 month update, because it was last week, and he was still awake in the middle of the night, just not eating.  Maybe two nights a week he will sleep soundly, waking up once to eat in the 2-4am range but no other times.  Other nights he eats once but whines or wakes up and plays in his crib.  Still other nights there are hours of crying. It's a struggle and a battle.

Liam had his first oatmeal bottle on Dec 7 at 5.5 months old, in hopes that it would help him sleep better.  Indeed, he has improved since we tried that, sleeping longer and waking less frequently.  I've been able to drop to only one nighttime feeding, which is great.  The unfortunate part is that after about a week of having oatmeal in a nighttime bottle, Liam decided that it was for the birds and started refusing bottles.  All bottles.  This child is stubborn. 

On Liam's half birthday, we celebrated with squash.  He wasn't too sure about the texture but ate about a tablespoon without complaint. 

In random, bullet point order, sweet things that Liam does that I don't want to forget:
  • Covers his eyes with the backs of his hands when he's falling asleep
  • Holds onto my cheek (or nose, if I'm not careful) while eating, and on to one of each of our cheeks while praying at night before bed.  
  • Discovered the joy of pulling his pacifier out and putting it back in (halleluiah!), or turning it sideways to gnaw on it. 
  • Finally realized that I have hair (maybe this is a sign that it ends up in a ponytail too often?).  He started by gently stroking my hair, but quickly progressed to grabbing handfuls of it and shoving it in his mouth, which he then immediately regrets ;)  He also always finds those tender little hairs at the back of my neck and uses them as a handle.  
  • Tries to give me kisses (or so I claim).  Liam will go full open mouth at my cheek, which is probably just an attempt to use my cheek as a teething toy, but I'll take it as affection.  Speaking of teething toys, my chin is one of Liam's favorites.  I have to be quick to dodge that little barracuda.
  • Grabbing.  Everything.  Anything.  His toys.  His feet. His pacifier.  That pen on the table.  Mom's phone (which is surely a toy for him, since it lights up and makes noise).  Everything goes straight to his mouth.
  • Peek-a-boo.  He has finally started giggling more, which is beyond precious.  A high pitched "peek!" will make him giggle, no actual peek-a-boo motions required.  So lazy mom style, technically.  
  • Playing the piano with his mama.  

Aside from his first foods...Liam had his first Thanksgiving!  (and second, but who's counting).  He got to meet some new family members, too!

Liam sat unsupported (for more than 10 seconds) on 12.12, which was convenient, as that was the day we had his 6 month photo shoot.  Here's the first picture I snapped of him sitting solo:


In anticipation of his 6 month photos, we took the plunge and scheduled Liam a haircut.  Ridiculous, I know.  The rat tail had to go though!

This child has still not rolled from back to front, and lasts about 15 seconds max on his belly before rolling over.  I genuinely think he won't crawl!  

Technically an "only" rather than a first, but we had Liam dedicated at church.  Didn't he look handsome?  Those pants would barely go up over his cloth diaper!

This is such a fun age!  Liam is so curious and interested in everything. It's so much fun to watch him learn and discover every day.  Here's to month number 7!