.About Me.

I'm MJ.  This is me becoming a Mrs.:

I love:
  • My husband
  • Cooking (not baking, with the exception of bread)
  • Photography, in the form of Nikon
  • Being crafty and learning to sew
  • Dark hair (My hair is not that dark naturally!)
  • Our church
  • Being frugal and couponing
  • Cleaning, organizing, and color coding. Also: my label maker
  • Being green, recycling, starting to make my own cleaning products 
  • Family, extended, the whole crazy lot of them
  • Friends - shout out to the Square!
  • Proper grammar (though my writing on this blog may make you doubt that) and parentheses (as you will see)
  • Reading books and (cooking) magazines
  • Going to bed early. Also: getting up early
I dislike:
  • The snow.
  • Dairy.  More accurately, cow milk.  I barely miss it, and think the world could do with a little bit less of it.
  • Television, especially television today.  So. Much. Crap.  I could watch reruns of The Nanny or maybe some DIY Network...but other than that...
  • Raw meat.  It makes me want to vom - but I deal with it to make yummy things with it.
  • White sugar.  And basically everything else of which the typical American diet consists. 
  • Car washes.  I have no idea why.  
More fun facts:
  • The hubby might tell you that I am sappy. Many things make me cry.  This includes commercials.  Specifically, Folgers commercials, Disney World commercials and that one that ends with the son being the president.
  • I love to travel, but tend to get some serious travel anxiety.  I have been to eleven countries and most of the states, but am one of those people who prefers to get to the airport freakishly early.  Also: my luggage has likely been to more countries than me, as it seems to get lost oh-so frequently. 
  • We are an old-married couple at heart.  If we have the free time, we like to do things like play Hand and Foot (that's a card game, folks).
  • I fear that I am slightly socially awkward.  The Hubby tells me this is not true, but I think he just says it to be nice.  I would definitely fall into the introverted category. 
  • The Hubby "bought" me a piano when we were dating.  I had grown up playing the piano, taking lessons for years and years and was really missing it in college.  So, the Hubby jumped on Craig's List, found a freebie piano that was in good shape, and sneaked it into my apartment for Christmas.  Big red bow and all.  
Contact me:
  • Direct emails to: MDSchoolMrs[at]gmail[dot]com