.Why the Blog?.

Some people have asked me why I have started blogging as my husband is journeying through medical school.  I guess the main answer to that question would be because starting medical school is intimidating.  Even though you technically "know" what the path of a medical student looks like, you have no idea what that is going to mean to you as a couple, what the long hours will be like or feel like, what the extremes will be, or if you will ever actually get to see or do anything at all with your spouse.  

When the Hubby started school, I got online to google (naturally - you know you've googled things like this too!) what it was like being a doctor-in-training's wife.  What I found was predominantly depressing and disheartening.  While I understand that journeying through medical school is and can be hard, I knew that there had to be joy and hope hiding in there somewhere.  I truly hope that this blog can be an encouragement to other medical wives as they journey through medicine and that we can remember that we are not alone.  

Not only are the beginning stages of a career in medicine intimidating, it can also be rather isolating.  During the Hubby's first year in medical school, there were only two or three other married couples in his class.  Between work schedules and life, it was hard to cultivate friendships.  My med wife friends here on the internet became a source of encouragement and understanding.  Some people have gone through this before us, others are going through it with us, and yet others will follow in the years to come.  Knowing this and having relationships with others who "get it" is crucial to not merely surviving medical school, but thriving. 

Is this blog always about medicine?  Is it always about being a wife to a medical student?  No and no.  There truly has to be balance in the medicine-to-life ratio, so you'll find that balance in this blog too.  Because really - just because some people (aka the Hubby!) can do medicine all day, every day, doesn't mean that I  can!

Above all, this blog is a place to encourage other wives, keep our family and friends updated, provide a glimpse into what the journey through medicine entails and share some crafts, recipes and photos along the way! 

Remember that your contentment is dependent on the state of your heart, not on the circumstances around you.